Dean Little discusses what’s coming to Bitping

YouTube video

In 2019’s Bitcoin SV (BSV) inaugural hackathon, the website uptime monitoring portal, UptimeSV, was deemed the big winner. The platform is built on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, allowing for stronger, more conclusive monitoring of websites by spreading the activity across multiple channels.

Since launching, UptimeSV has changed its name to Bitping, but hasn’t changed its business model—only made it better. At the recently held CoinGeek London 2020 conference, co-founder and project leader Dean Little provided key updates on the company’s progress, and even spent a few minutes talking to CoinGeek’s Hannah Jackson in the popular Coinversation interviews.

Bitping provides monitoring for all types of web applications and services. It launched a closed beta of its solution on October 30, 2019, and, since then, all testing has produced phenomenal results. It has been involved in testing sites like Twetch, WhatsOnChain and even BSV’s Scaling Test Network, and has completed over 150 million jobs since launching.

Additionally, it now has nodes operating all over the world and has been fundamental in identifying key outages with several entities, including and a major ISP in Australia. After NBA star Kobe Bryant and his daughter were killed in a helicopter crash, Bitping was involved in helping a Bryant-founded charitable organization’s website, MambaOnThree, mitigate the overwhelming traffic hitting the site.

After seeing how successful the closed beta was, with over 2,000 transactions per second possible, Bitping is rolling out an open beta for enterprise customers. For a fraction of the cost typically associated with web monitoring, companies can turn to a global solution that provides a worldwide monitoring solution in order to ensure their web presence does not fail.

Following his presentation on stage, Little spent a few minutes with Jackson to discuss the company and where it’s going. He explained that the new name of the company was based on the two key ingredients of the platform—Bit for Bitcoin and ping for uptime testing. Whereas current website monitoring solutions rely on a “broken,” centralized location to manage the program, Bitping is providing a more robust alternative that is based on a global network of nodes. This improves the monitoring capabilities and helps companies be able to respond quicker than ever to any problems with their Internet footprint.

A new beta version is on its way for node users. This is going to further expand Bitping’s capabilities and allow it to provide even greater support to customers. It’s all part of the reason why blockchain is a major innovation for businesses, with BSV being the only solution that can offer this type of support.

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