TK Coleman joins Kurt Wuckert Jr. at CoinGeek Weekly Livestream

TK Coleman joins Kurt Wuckert Jr. in premiere episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream

Half of one BSV (.5 BSV) was given away for free last Tuesday—if you missed the opportunity to grab some BSV, do not worry, Kurt Wuckert Jr. will be going live on YouTube every Tuesday at 2 p.m. EST and presenting the audience with more opportunities to both learn and earn Bitcoin. Whether that means through education that will help you prosper on your Bitcoin journey or via cards embossed with QR codes connected to wallets loaded up with Bitcoin, you will find that you will inevitably gain, whether it be in regard to knowledge or financially, when you tune into Kurt’s livestream.

On episode one of Kurt’s CoinGeek Weekly Livestream, Kurt and special guest T.K. Coleman, the Director for Economic Education at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) as well as a member of the popular Streamanity show, “The Numpties,” explore business in the Bitcoin space.

What do I mean by business in Bitcoin? Well, when several observers look at BSV, they are often blinded by some of the big names in Bitcoin, like Calvin Ayre and Dr. Craig S. Wright, however, individuals actually building on Bitcoin pay Calvin and Craig little to no attention.

Kurt and Coleman zoom out and look at why Bitcoin is on a path to success regardless of the individuals in the Bitcoin ecosystem. To do this, they take a deep dive into economic development as well as how wealth is created, the importance of building value, where value comes from and why, and how to recalibrate our minds to focus on creating value with work rather than just assuming we can absorb value with a HODL mindset.

“I am not against hodling,” said Coleman, “but I am against what hodling can do to the mindset of people if they’re not careful, and that is, hodling can lead to a very anxious life where you’re constantly looking at the clock hoping that tomorrow is the day you wake up and find out that your financially free, and everything that happens that’s inconsistent with that makes you nervous and it makes you anxious.

“What I’m saying is that while hodling is cool, that mindset is very disempowering and over time it just makes you feel more and more like the ability to change your destiny is up to someone else and what they do. The more you can get involved in the process of pumping your own bags and pumping your own life, the more power you feel and the less you will care about what anyone else has going on. So I think the best Bitcoin SV investment is one that you make in your own career by setting yourself up to know things and be able to do things so that if this thing begins to increase in value, the money you make from hodling coins will only be a fraction of the real wealth you will be able to create and earn because of the way you set yourself up.”

Beyond talking about business on an economic level, Kurt and Coleman dive into some of the more technical issues often brought up on Bitcoin, such as 0-sat transactions and whether or not Bitcoin Frog Vision will actually be created.

“My goal for the show is for it to be unpredictable like an AM/FM variety talk show,” Kurt said. “Maybe there are guests, maybe there are games, maybe there’s breaking news… but amid that, I realized that giveaways from sponsors have been a staple of that format forever, so if anyone wants to sponsor an episode, I’d be happy to give out tokens, merchandise or whatever else people want to sponsor for the episode. The other thing that I want to facilitate is being the show that is always fun even if you’re not into bitcoin, and to showcase ideas and guests that you won’t get anywhere else!”

Kurt’s will livestream every Tuesday at 2 p.m. EST on YouTube, if you happened to miss episode one, you can catch up by watching it below, we hope to see you next week!

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