Time to back Bitcoin and shed the alts

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Recent very complex and wordy stuff from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the strongest sign yet that alt coins are a distraction we can no longer tolerate. While we here at CoinGeek love anything that disrupts in a positive way, for cryptocurrency to move forward it’s time to get behind our guy, Bitcoin.

For those that want to delve into the minutiae of what SEC have announced, our friends at CoinDesk have made a very good fist of sifting through it and also supply copies of the actual documents released by SEC.

What we think its imperative to realize is just how hard it is to fight the banking system and how hard they are prepared to go to see Bitcoin fail. After failing to kill it at birth they sent in Bitcoin Core to try and create civil war, in essence, divide and conquer.

Alt coins now present a similar divisive risk. Without wanting to sound all Games of Thrones, we need one true King.

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