First Bitcoin SV course launches: ‘What is Bitcoin and why does it matter’?

First Bitcoin SV course launches: ‘What is Bitcoin and why does it matter’?

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The world’s first Bitcoin SV-focused massive open online course (MOOC) is now live. “What is Bitcoin and why does it matter” is the first of four MOOCs launched by Bitcoin Association in partnership with Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of Bitcoin Association, announced the launch of the Bitcoin SV course on the final day of the Saxion Blockchain Week.

“Bitcoin was born to be, as it says in the famed Satoshi white paper, a peer-to-peer electronic cash system,” said Nguyen. “There’s been different competing visions for Bitcoin and understanding what it’s meant to be. Our view of it is that it’s not peer-to-peer digital gold – that’s not what the original Bitcoin whitepaper describes – and we have been trying to re-educate the world about Bitcoin’s proper vision to be peer-to-peer electronic cash. We believe that Bitcoin is also a data protocol – just like the internet protocol – and that it can become the most powerful distributed data network in the world. We are working with partners around the world, to create programs to educate people about this vision of Bitcoin.”

The first MOOC is a free course that will run from February 5th to September 1st.

The course covers the importance of Bitcoin’s original protocol prescribed by Satoshi Nakamoto, and how that original design is now used only by Bitcoin SV. The course covers Bitcoin’s history, economics, development, tooling, and regulatory compliance.

“At the Saxion Blockchain Institute, we aim to teach interdisciplinary skills for the advancement of blockchain technology,” said Dr. Jan Veuger, a Professor of Blockchain at Saxion University of Applied Sciences. “With the massive open online courses that we are developing, which are focused on Bitcoin’s original protocol and Bitcoin SV, we want to ensure that everyone – be they students, professionals or otherwise – has access to the best blockchain education to help develop the next wave of innovation using Satoshi Nakamoto’s design for Bitcoin.”

How to sign up

You can enroll in the first Bitcoin SV MOOC, “What is Bitcoin and why does it matter,” on the Saxion Unversity’s website. To find out more about the course, visit here.

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