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Jimmy Nguyen to explore benefits of Bitcoin SV at Saxion Blockchain Week

On Monday February 1, Saxion Blockchain Week gets underway—a week long online conference for the blockchain sector. At a time when blockchain adoption and understanding continues to develop at pace, the event is a chance for blockchain developers, academics, business and other stakeholders to learn more about the technology and its real-world applications.

Among the topics scheduled for discussion is Blockchain Legal 2.0, Blockchain & Finance, Blockchain & Real Estate and Blockchain & Health, each of which is broken down into numerous individual online meetings, seminars and sessions of interest.

There’s also the Saxion Blockchain Challenge, giving developers a chance to demonstrate their skills, as well as the Blockchain & PhD day for those with an academic interest in the technology. There’s also the Blockchain & Top Talent Day as part of the weekly lineup.

The event culminates in a presentation from Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, who will address the benefits of Bitcoin SV (BSV) as a protocol for blockchain developers.

His keynote presentation, alongside Saxion Executive Board member Timo Kos, coincides with the launch of the world’s first Massive Open Online Course in Bitcoin SV.

“It’s an exciting time for us at Bitcoin Association. The launch of the Bitcoin SV MOOC in partnership with Saxion University is our latest education-focused initiative designed to help make learning about Bitcoin easy, accessible and accurate,” says Ngueyn.

Developed by Bitcoin Association in partnership with Saxion University of Applied Sciences, the course will run from February 5 to September 1, giving an extensive insight into the workings of Bitcoin SV from a technical and practical perspective.

The course is aimed at students, developers and decision makers, designed to give an introductory overview to Bitcoin. Additional supplementary modules are also available for those who want to explore further, covering a full range of topics, including Bitcoin history, economics, development, and regulatory compliance issues.

The event and course launch are set to be the next milestone in educating the world about the benefits of blockchain and Bitcoin SV.

Register now to attend the virtual Saxion Blockchain Week event.

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