The devil is in the patent details

I have the privilege of working closely with Dr. Craig S. Wright, nChain’s Chief Scientist. Craig is certainly provocative but that’s what it takes to execute Bitcoin’s world-changing vision. I find it amusing that some cryptocurrency observers call him “Dr. Evil” or the devil incarnate. And because the crypto developers like open source, critics often harp about nChain’s patent program as a sure sign of Craig’s malicious ways. Craig Wright + patents must be the ultimate sign of Satan, right?

If you listen to the online trolls, Craig is hell-bent on patenting all of Bitcoin and the entire blockchain as part of his quest for world domination. In fact, Craig Wright and nChain have so many patent applications that we have now reached a fiendish milestone. Last month, nChain filed patent application number 666. That’s right – the number of the Beast, Satan himself! Surely, this must confirm what the naysayers have always known about Craig. He’s the devil and that his followers worship the “Cult of Craig.” When I next see Craig, I’ll do a full on “The Omen” inspection by combing through his hair to find 666 imprinted on his scalp. Little did you know, Craig is Damien, and originally wanted the Bitcoin white paper to be authored by Damien Nakamoto.

Whether you love him or hate him, we at nChain are rightfully proud of our Dr. Evil/Damien/Lucifer/The Beast/Satan. We always knew he could get to infamous patent application number 666. So we’re taking this moment to celebrate Craig’s hell-raising achievement of using patent applications to reveal his true self. No scalp inspection needed. I’ve already got Craig’s number – and it’s 666. . . .well for just a moment, until the less-evil sounding patent application numbers 667, 668, 669, 670 and now up to 691 have been filed.

So I prefer to think of Craig as neither a devil nor an angel. Instead, I see him as wicked – wicked smart, wicked visionary, and wicked determined.

In all seriousness, nChain is proud of its patent program and invention portfolio. As a private enterprise, we work to help Bitcoin grow up and professionalize [of course, only the original Bitcoin in the form of Bitcoin SV.] We fund significant volumes of work by the best blockchain research & development team in the world to unlock Bitcoin’s true power. But like any sensible business, we also like to protect our investment by securing intellectual property rights when appropriate. With hard work and great expense, nChain has produced what we believe is the world’s largest and best quality blockchain patent portfolio in the world.

nChain will use its IP portfolio for good, not evil, to help the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. In fact, we encourage companies to build on BSV where it will be free to use many of nChain’s IP assets. Royalty-free usage on BSV of some of the world’s leading blockchain IP? That sounds heavenly to me, and it’s certainly not what will you hear from the world’s other big blockchain patent filers. And with nChain’s new professional services arm, our business matures to its next phase: helping companies design and implement blockchain solutions that use nChain’s impressive array of inventions.

Our mission is make Bitcoin SV the world’s new money and global enterprise blockchain. It’s a divine journey that all starts with Craig Wright and inventions. . . because the devil is in the patent details.

Jimmy Nguyen is Chair of nChain’s Strategic Advisory Board and Founding President of Bitcoin Association. He’s been to hell and back, riding shotgun in Craig Wright’s “Lucifer Lambo.”

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