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The CoinGeek Pulse Episode 34: Nevada Blockchain City, Bitcoin mining shutdown, 2048 now on BSV

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This week on CoinGeek Pulse, we head to the United States where the governor of the State of Nevada unveiled details of a proposed bill to create a Blockchain City.

Nevada announced its plans to welcome developers using blockchain. The bill aims to lessen the state’s dependence on gaming and tourism, which has an unemployment rate of 9.2% as of December 2020.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak revealed details of a bill that would allow the private industry to develop technology “innovation zones” and build new cities with their own government. Sisolak said that the proposal “has a potential to position Nevada as a global center of advanced technology and innovation, while helping to create immediate positive economic impact and shape the economy of the future.” He added, “We must accelerate and pursue innovative ways to inject Nevada with new and organic economic growth.”

In February, Nevada-based firm Blockchains LLC, one of the early beneficiaries of the bill, laid out their plans to build a “smart city” on 67,000 acres of desert land they own near Reno.

This will include a Painted Rock Smart City and Innovation Park with commercial and industrial space, which can support 36,000 people and generate 40,000 jobs. The city would also use a “stablecoin” as its digital currency.

The blockchain firm lobbies for tech companies to have power to form their own government in their own cities. Storey County Commissioners, however, passed a resolution against this but remained open to working with the company on its goal to develop a smart city.

Meanwhile in Asia, block reward mining activities are set to end in China’s top energy-consuming province.

Inner Mongolia plans to suspend all new and existing block reward mining projects before the end of April as it received disapproval from the central government for failing to meet its energy-saving goals.

The province, which attracts block reward miners due to the low cost of its electricity, was the only location among 30 areas that failed to meet the requirements under Beijing’s energy consumption and energy intensity review in 2019.

The province faces pressure to meet its energy-saving targets now that China is attempting to halt the rise in its carbon emissions before 2030. The world’s largest economy has also committed to achieving carbon neutrality in 2060.

In other news, the viral game from 2014 that the Wall Street Journal called the “Candy Crush for math nerds” is now on Bitcoin.

BSV2048 by Unbounded Enterprise has reactivated the addictive yet fun game—2048—on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

New users get free plays and have the opportunity to earn Bitcoin SV with a high score.

Unbounded Enterprise says it will be one of the best ways to date to help people get their very first Bitcoin.

Unbounded Enterprise used HandCash Connect to build the game, noting that HandCash “has kept on delivering with subsequent improvements like the web wallet and web-based account creation.” This feature means any developer can onboard users without needing to have them download an app.

You can be part of the Unbounded Enterprise’s mission to improve the game, make adoption simpler, and join their team. Go to their website to apply.

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