The BSV Pitch: Sean Pollock of GearSV

YouTube video

The first ever Bitcoin Association Pitch Day event brought some of the most promising Bitcoin SV (BSV) projects to pitch to investors and stakeholders at the CoinGeek Conference in Seoul back in October. Among them was GearSV, pitched by CEO Sean Pollock.

GearSV aims to provide an onramp for smart contract developers to build and run contracts on the BSV blockchain. Firstly, there’s a set of open source developer tools to streamline the process of coding smart contracts on BSV.

GearSV is also developing proprietary infrastructure for monitoring, scaling and executing smart contracts, providing a familiar environment for developers to build on bitcoin.

According to Pollock, GearSV allows developers to access all of the smart contract functionality available on other blockchains within the BSV environment.

This means that rather than being tied to an inferior blockchain for the sake of smart contract functionality, developers can now take full advantage of the benefits of BSV, without sacrificing functionality in executing their contracts.

Pollock said existing smart contracts can easily be ported to BSV through their platform, with developers able to submit any arbitrary code to execute on-chain.

Discussing use cases for GearSV, Pollock said there were functions in registry and naming services, financial services, supply chains, and any application making use of fungible or non-fungible tokens.

Powered by Bitcoin SV, GearSV smart contracts can benefit from fast execution, lower fees with microtransactions, and the ready capacity for enterprise scale.

The pitch was warmly received, with delegates responding positively to the developer solutions GearSV has to offer.

The next round of Bitcoin Association’s Pitch Day event, which is scheduled to take place in February 2020 at the CoinGeek Conference in London. Applications are open to businesses and developers at any stage of the startup cycle, including those that are currently live. The event is designed to encourage the next generation of developers to build on BSV, and to leverage the benefits of the bitcoin blockchain. 

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