The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 19

The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 19

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Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen returns with this week’s episode of The Bitcoin Vision, highlighting the major developments in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. Bitcoin SV is the rebirth of the original Bitcoin, finally unlocking the true power of Bitcoin’s original design, protocol and Satoshi Vision.

In this week’s edition, Jimmy highlights a new platform, BuyBSV that enables BSV users to purchase their favorite cryptocurrency with ease. The platform allows its users to buy BSV via credit cards and bank transfers. Users of the platform can purchase up to €100 worth of BSV without having to provide identification. To unlock higher limits of up to €3,000, users are required to provide identification in line with AML rules compliance. BuyBSV is a joint product between crypto payments gateway Coinify and CoinGeek. What’s more, all the profits that CoinGeek earns from the venture will go to the Bitcoin Association to fund the development of the BSV ecosystem. BuyBSV is available in 39 countries to start with including Spain, France, Canada, Portugal, the Netherlands and more.

Jimmy also welcomed Brendan Lee, the newest member of the Bitcoin Association family. Lee joins the team as the Training and Development Manager with a goal to launch Bitcoin Association’s global training and developer awareness program. The program seeks to support the training of more BSV developers worldwide, further widening the BSV ecosystem. Brendan has been extensively involved in the Bitcoin ecosystem including the Bitcoin Stress Test Initiative and the Tokenized project which brought tokenization to BSV. Most recently, Brendan became the head of technology at Faia, a management consultancy that helps businesses improve productivity and integrate emerging technology. Faia is the first consultancy firm in the Asia Pacific region to offer BSV integration services to its clients.

Meanwhile, there’s an exciting new opportunity to own equity in BrewDog, a Scottish multinational brewery. Through its Equity for Punks program, the brewery is accepting investment in Bitcoin SV and nine other cryptocurrencies. The company is extending this program to April 2020. Already, over 116,000 investors have bought into the program. For those who need extra motivation, investing in the company through cryptos gets you six cans of Cryptonite West Coast IPA, a specially craft beer. “So drink carefully and check out this opportunity with BrewDog using Bitcoin SV.”

This week’s Satoshi’s shout-out goes to BitBoss, a company that offers a secure blockchain-based gaming platform. Alex Shore, the founder of BitBoss recently announced that his team had developed a JavaScript implementation of the Tokenized Protocol, a leading tokenization protocol for Bitcoin SV. The BitBoss team had developed the source code for use internally, but upon realizing its potential, they decided to share it with the BSV community. 

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