BitBoss updates Keyring libraries for BSV

BitBoss updates Keyring libraries for BSV

BitBoss, a blockchain-centered company with a focus on gaming platforms and solutions, has been busy developing on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. It recently introduced its new Keyring JavaScript libraries, designed to help developers code applications that are able to create and sign transactions on the network, a solution that facilitates the easy creation of new cryptocurrency wallets. Keyring was just launched last month, and BitBoss continues to make it better, providing yet more real-world applications for the BSV network.

In a Medium post from this past Monday, Alex Shore of BitBoss announced the updates, stating, “The latest version includes 3 new plugins that offer functionality for validating transactions as well as both MessagePack and CBOR data encoding.”

He added, “The validation plugin allows a BSV developer to easily verify a transaction before sending it off to a BSV node. This plugin adds a validate method to the Keyring transaction instance. It checks that a transaction has inputs and that they are signed, that the transaction outputs are over the dust amount, and that the transaction has a fee included.”

The libraries can be found on Github and npm. They’re impressive innovations that are worthy of being tied to the BSV blockchain and are available, in part, due to the attendance by some of the Bitboss expert brains at the recent CoinGeek Conference Toronto. The conference brought together some of the greatest minds in the Bitcoin ecosystem to discuss what is happening and where the industry is headed, and allowed attendees to interact with the professionals on subjects such as on-chain scaling and mining.

Keyring is just one of the many projects being built on the BSV blockchain, the only blockchain that follows the original design of Bitcoin per Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s because of this steadfast understanding that Bitcoin was introduced to the world in a mature form that BSV has made sure the concept has been able to live on, and why some of the best, real-world developments occur on the network. As BitBoss, nChain and others continue to innovate and show how viable and flexible the BSV blockchain is, it will continue to receive the recognition it has worked hard to earn.

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