The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 13

The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 13

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The excitement continues this week as Bitcoin SV (BSV) stays on track to its roadmap of massive on-chain scaling towards becoming the world’s new money. Jimmy Nguyen, the Founding President of the Bitcoin Association, is back this week for another episode of The Bitcoin Vision after traveling around the world talking to people about BSV as the CoinGeek Conference approaches.

The week kicked off with Bitcoin Association’s first-ever BSV Hackathon that brought together 19 countries from all over the globe. The Hackathon ran for 48 hours straight from May 4 to May 5. In total, 216 people signed up to participate in the event. From this number, 122 competed as individuals while the other joined to form 42 teams. The theme of the Hackathon was the onboarding problem with the twist, “Onboarding isn’t about just solving things for users to get to BSV; it’s about making life easier to onboarding new developers to BSV as well.”

The preliminary judging of the Hackathon will select shortlisted candidates who will compete in the semi-final competition. From the semi-finals, the three- grand finalists will be chosen. A representative from each group will be flown to Toronto, Canada, to present their solution on May 30 at the CoinGeek scaling conference. A panel of judges, including the live audience, will choose the final winner. Learn more about the BSV Hackathon here.

This week’s Satoshi shout-out goes to BitBoss who recently announced Keyring, a javascript library for creating and signing Bitcoin transactions that allow users to develop wallets for the Bitcoin SV blockchain quickly. One of the library’s features is the support for the larger OP_RETURN size. BitBoss is sharing this new library with the public to help other developers build on the BSV blockchain. The company plans to continue improving the library by using GitHub to track the work and monitor the library closely. The GitHub can be found here.

Meanwhile, a new application called Agora is here to help users understand how best they can use the BSV blockchain. Agora is a prototype Alpha release that allows users to design home page on the blockchain, add and list apps like wallets, social media channels, and even start a business. Agora is working to be the start point for adopters to see how the BSV platform could help their day-to-day lives. Agora will soon be available on-chain on the BSV blockchain.

Blockchain enthusiasts can now explore the Blockchain using 9knodes. 9knodes is a 2D block explorer that provides node statistics in a graph format. Through 9knodes, people can view transaction history and track other activities on the blockchain.

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