BitBoss releases javascript library for Bitcoin SV wallets

BitBoss releases javascript library for Bitcoin SV wallets

There’s another exciting new release for the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. BitBoss, a company that specializes in blockchain gaming innovations, has released Keyring, a new collection javascript libraries for BSV.

The Keyring libraries, hosted on GitHub and at npm at @keyring/bsv, will help developers to code apps that can create and sign BSV transactions, allowing them to easily create new wallets. Alex Shore, chief technical officer of BitBoss, told CoinGeek:

“We built Keyring for our own needs while developing our online gaming ecosystem that runs on Bitcoin SV, however we plan to enhance this library in an effort to help the entire Bitcoin SV community of developers. All contributions of code, feedback, and feature requests are welcome. We will be using GitHub issues to track work and will monitor it closely.”

Keyring has been designed to work with BSV first and foremost, and it uses all of BSV’s functionality, including support for larger OP_Return sizes. Their website states, “With KeyRing it is very easy to add new op returns and script templates because of how the library is designed to work with multiple chains.”

This new addition to the BSV development community demonstrates once again the maturity and collaboration present in the Bitcoin industry. BitBoss are first and foremost game developers though, and their website has sneak peeks into several gaming innovations they are currently working on, including blockchain-based slots, lotteries and a sportsbook.

This is a timely new resource for BSV, considering the Bitcoin Association recently announced the unveiling of the Bitcoin SV Scaling Test Network (STN). Developers and businesses now have easy to use code to help develop new applications with, and a professional test environment to fully stress test those applications for their business needs. Considering Keyring was built as a part of gaming development already, this is a perfect combination for gambling applications that need wallet applications tested on a massive scale.

This also adds to the education tools already released by Money Button. Their CEO, Ryan X. Charles, announced a suite of resources for developers to learn from, which has expanded to over a dozen articles since its release in March.

If you’re a developer who’s interested in using these new Keyring resources, you might be interested to join the upcoming CoinGeek Toronto scaling conference as well. Winners of the first BSV hackathon will be announced, and you can register now to be there. Save money on your entry too by paying with Bitcoin SV via Coingate.

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