The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 12

The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 12

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Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen is back this week for another episode of The Bitcoin Vision, this time shot in Amsterdam—a city that supports Bitcoin. It’s the perfect place to bring us the latest developments with the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.

Kicking off the episode is some scaling news. Bitcoin SV, after all, is all about massive, on-chain scaling. Recently, the Bitcoin Association announced that the BSV Scaling Test Network (STN) is now open and ready for business. Enterprises and developers who want to test Bitcoin’s scaling limits for their applications and services can now use the STN, and contribute to the future of the BSV blockchain. Learn more about it here.

LINK, meanwhile, is a new privacy tool created by Twitter user @BitcoinSofia that allows users to store encrypted information, such as an encrypted backup of one’s wallet, on the BSV blockchain. Users upload encrypted data on the BSV blockchain, yet it is unreadable to anyone without the key. The decryption key is never sent to the server. Check out LINK.

Building BSV apps is now much easier, thanks to BitIndex, which has just launched the latest version of its real-time Bitcoin SV API platform built for developers. New features include Webhooks for Bitcoin payments, insight-API compatibility, new JavaScript-SDK and can easily be used in browser or node run-time. Visit BitIndex here.

The number of new businesses that have started accepting BSV continues to grow. The latest merchants to support BSV include Cafetaria De Spoorbrug in the Netherlands; Zumba with Rushka in Port Elizabeth, South Africa; Howzat Sports bar in Makati, Philippines; and Café Aimee in the Netherlands. To check out which merchants near you have integrated BSV support, visit and

This week’s Satoshi shout-out goes to Twitter user @Street5Wall, who has taken the initiative to sponsor BSV developers to attend the CoinGeek Toronto conference’s Developer Day. With support from @SatoshiEngineer, @Street5Wall sponsored 13 developers, by contributing $500 towards costs for each of them to attend the event. This generous way of supporting Bitcoin SV helps the future of Bitcoin grow by helping developers who will build on the original Bitcoin.

Nguyen notes, “In addition to contributing to the cause of developers attending CoinGeek Toronto, WallStreet5 has also donated 100 BSV coins towards the prize pool of the Bitcoin Association’s first ever BSV hackathon. That’s amazing.”

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