Bitcoin Association’s 1st BSV Hackathon – May 2019

Bitcoin Association’s 1st BSV Hackathon – May 2019

Semi-finalists: Top 14 entries from virtual competition (May 4-5)

The semi-finalists of Bitcoin Association’s first BSV Hackathon have been announced. The judges have narrowed the entries to a semi-final group from the 36 entries submitted. The judges originally intended to select 10 semi-finalists; however, the entry qualities were of such a high standard that they instead selected 14.

The virtual competition took place May 4-5. In total, 216 enthusiastic coders signed up to participate in the event. Of that number, 122 were to compete as individuals, and another 94 joined together to form 42 teams. They worked on their projects for 48 hours. Their challenge was to develop a solution for BSV on-boarding problems, extending beyond on-boarding new users to also the challenge of on-boarding developers to BSV.

List of Semi-finalists:


Biitstrap is a technique for bootstrapping a communication channel via a blockchain. It’s useful for every scenario where peers don’t know each other’s connection details. This is a PoC for demonstrating the technique which may be useful and applicable for many areas such as EE2E messaging, SSH, IoT, remote control, IP-transactions etc. Devices can communicate with each other by using only public keys thanks to this technique.


BIOT – a protocol for deploying and maintaining IoT devices over the blockchain.


Mounts public data from bitcoinsv blockchain to your local machine, no user, password, wallet or btcsv required, just the config file or txid for a config file stored in the blockchain.  


Bitmav creates a digital legacy on Bitcoin SV to allow people to share important information with their loved ones after they have passed away. 


Bitflow is a task-based workflow engine which allows custom workflows to be easily built and run on top of Bitcoin SV with every action immutably.


Use our platform to store and query eSports match data on Bitcoin.

• Find an opponent and play a game

• Submit your match results

• That’s it! You now have a global gaming identity, powered by Bitcoin


Bitmonkey is a Browser Extension that aims to provide a gateway between the Metanet & the Internet. Bitmonkey will allow Metanetters to redesign the current internet in our image. From added functionality and interoperability to theming and modding of sites. The Bitmonkey model should allow for decentralized development and coordination in creating this vision.


A movie-streaming website that uses a Money Button paywall and delivers video content that is stored on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. The content is stored using unwriter’s B:// protocol.


LetsPlayBSV is a game platform that facilitates and create many types of casino games online using the BSV blockchain as the backend support. 


MetaVibe creates a location based meta layer on top of our physical world. Thereby allowing to drop media content, comments and other smart contract-based events to specific locations while ensuring that only people at the location can read the content. Here we present the functional prototype (Android & iOS) as well as the open protocol of MetaVibe.


Polyglot is designed to be Bitcoin SV’s most intuitive way to interact with a myriad of metanet protocols through python - a match made in heaven.


Tonics are peer to peer advertisements. Monetise your site and earn Bitcoin (SV) directly from advertisers. Promote your product with ease or raise money with crowd funding Tonics.


Distributed performance & uptime monitoring for robust, DDoS-hardened enterprise systems. Powered by Bitcoin SV.


Extend the reach of the Bitcoin protocol using P2P channels (e.g. simple gift of cash using P2P, provider earning using P2P, stream micropayment using P2P).

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