The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 11

The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 11

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The developments with the Bitcoin SV (BSV) ecosystem keep on coming, and Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen is back this week—from the bustling floor of the Paris Blockchain Week Summit this time—for another episode of The Bitcoin Vision.

As usual, lots of great concepts and developments are happening within the ecosystem. On the application side, we have WhatsOnChain, which provides access to BSV blocks, transactions, address activities, on-chain data and statistics via a simple REST API. WhatsOnChain is releasing a powerful REST API for businesses, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. Learn more about it here.

Searching for Wi-Fi is now made easy too, with Bitcoin SV. OpenWifISV is a new application available on the BSV blockchain. It features an interactive map for users to see all the free Wi-Fi sources available locally, wherever they are. The Wi-Fi passwords can be viewed for a fee paid with BSV. Check out the OpenWifiSV app here.

You can also find forever with Bitcoin SV. is a new automated payment system that allows users to pay BSV transactions for processing at a future date. Meanwhile, Weightless is a fully-autonomous, real-time, public message board that is saved permanently on the BSV network. Users can post messages and links for a small fee payable in BSV that can be viewed by anyone.

Speaking of payments, there’s a new Point of Sale (POS) web application that is powered by HandCash. WebCash can be used on iOS, Android, Windows or other devices, and easily accept payments from customers. Businesses will need a HandCash handle or a public Bitcoin SV address to use the app. Find out how you can integrate the WebCash app to your business here.

In the future, your Friday nights may be filled with Metaflix and chill. Metaflix is a video platform concept of the Metanet project, only available on Bitcoin SV. The first movie posted on Metaflix was a 1902 Sci-Fi flick, titled “A Trip to the Moon.” Ken Sato, aka Twitter user @Uncle_Nakamoto, used the m3u8 file format so viewers do not need to download all the data for the entire motion picture file.

Nguyen noted, “You can imagine that this concept can open up an entire new world of business models and applications for video and video streaming on Bitcoin SV.”

Meanwhile, users can now also immortalize their websites on BSV by storing a snapshot of a website on the blockchain using Immortal SV. This allows users to save and archive any websites relevant to them. By using the b:// storage protocol, all web page images automatically get pulled into Bitstagram. Read more about it here.

On the exchanges front, this week’s episode shines the spotlight on two platforms: Coin one Exchange and the recently launched Float SV.

Coin one has recently listed BSV for Korean won (KRW) trading. It’s the the first Asian exchange implementing multi-signature wallet technology, and provides BSV/KRW trading features that allow you to buy and sell Bitcoins (BSV) directly with the Korean won.

Finally, this week’s Satoshi’s shoutout goes to Jack Liu’s new project, Float SV. To date, Float SV offers the most BSV trading choices in the world: BSV/USDT, BSV/USDC, BSV/BTC, and BCH/BSV. Liu has also teamed up with OKEx to launch Float SV, which means that OKEx users can transfer any assets supported by Float SV between the two exchanges.

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