A Bitcoin SV wallet: which one is right for you?

A Bitcoin SV wallet: which one is right for you?

It’s getting even easier to buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) with new, value driven exchanges like Float SV joining the Bitcoin Vision. Some might be new to the most scalable token on the market, so to help store your BSV, we’re providing a quick and handy guide to three of the best wallets available. We’ll be looking at Handcash, Centbee and RelayX.


Pros: We begin with Handcash, a mobile wallet available for iPhones and Android devices. It offers a very user friendly experience that allows users to register $handles (like $derektonin, as an example), simplifying the process of sending and receiving BSV. The team is focused on providing the most optimized experience possible, and a high level of security, with PIN encryption and cloud backups.

Cons: The biggest downside to Handcash is that its focus on simplicity so far has meant a lack of some features that can be found in other apps like Centbee. This is a very easy to use, no frills wallet. If all you’re looking to do is keep your money safe with a simplified experience, it will do that quite well.


Pros: Next, we look at Centbee. It’s also available for iPhones and Android. It offers the ability to send BSV to contacts already saved in your phone, and advertises the ability to buy data or airtime with your mobile provider, and the ability to pay for utilities. It also makes it easy to find stores near you that accept BSV. Finally, it has features catered to merchants, like their ScanPay merchant system that reduces price volatility.

Cons: The only downside to this featured filled wallet is that it’s not as simplified as Handcash’s, and requires slightly more setting up. It’s not what you’d give your forgetful mother in law, who might forget her PIN and lose access quickly, but if you understand how modern apps work, this has everything you need.

RelayX Superwallet

Pros: Lastly, we look at RelayX’s Superwallet. It’s currently available for Android, but also has an APK file for download, and they’re working on more platforms like iOS so that payments can be sent to any platform. Once they’re up to speed, users can use this wallet to send and receive to WeChat Pay, Alipay, Kakao pay and eventually Line pay. It works with your local fiat currency, allowing users to scan QR codes to send you money.

Cons: The Superwallet offers a lot of promise, but it’s very new. Many of the advertised features aren’t ready yet, so for the moment, this is a basic, easy to use wallet.

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