Thank you to our CoinGeek London 2020 partners

We are so appreciative for the support of our corporate partners, who are devoted to helping the Bitcoin ecosystem grow and demonstrate the real utility of Bitcoin SV (BSV). Together, we’re able to show the capabilities of blockchain technology and Bitcoin as Satoshi had designed. At the CoinGeek Conference in London, we saw some unique ways that businesses can use blockchain data—from EHR Data to immutably store and manage healthcare data to UNISOT showing how BSV can be used to enhance traceability & sustainability in the supply chain.

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Thank you to the Bitcoin Association, Bitstocks, Blockchain Domes, nChain and TAAL.


Thank you to HandCash, Bitcoin SV Node, Biittt, Centbee, Tokenized and UNISOT for your support.


Thank you to our cocktail sponsor Bayesian Group and Faiã Corp. for sponsoring the Wi-Fi.


This conference saw more utility and applications than ever on the blockchain and we appreciate all our De-App City supporters:


Agora, Baemail,,,, BSVSO, DID-Bank, CryptoFights (powered by Kronoverse), Laxo, Mempool, Satopay, ShowPay and Tocial.

We look forward to CoinGeek New York in October 2020, head to the website now to register for updates

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