UNISOT’s seafood blockchain solution is revolutionizing supply chains

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While many people have viewed the blockchain as a novelty item without much real-world potential, developers and companies are showing everyone how valuable and powerful blockchain solutions can be. One of the first major examples is SeafoodChain, a complete supply chain solution developed by UNISOT to completely track seafood from the source to the consumer. CoinGeek’s Johanna Botta caught up with UNISOT founder Stephan Nilsson at the CoinGeek Conference in London, and he shared his views on SeafoodChain and what it means for the entire enterprise business industry.

SeafoodChain is the first supply chain solution to track seafood that has been built entirely on the blockchain. Specifically, it was launched on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain since it is the only solution that can offer the scalability, security and extremely low transaction fees that enterprise companies demand for their operations.

Based in Norway, UNISOT understands the important role seafood, as the country’s second-largest source of revenue, has in the local economy. However, like has been seen in many industries, there was a disconnect among the different components of the supply chain—the suppliers, producers, distributors, processors, retailers and consumers—that inhibited the proper sharing of seamless data from start to finish. SeafoodChain brings all of the different components together and allows for complete details to be tracked from start to finish, even providing the ability for individual packages to be marked with data tied specifically to that package. 

This is a huge milestone not only for the seafood industry, but for all enterprise companies. Nilsson explains that UNISOT is already fielding inquiries from companies in other industries that are interested in adopting the platform to their own operations, and adds that there has been no shortage of interest for inclusion in supply chains from around the around the world. As he puts it, “When we merge the world’s largest ERP system—SAP—with the Universal Source of Truth—the Bitcoin SV blockchain—the result will be exponentially larger than the sum of its parts.”

BSV, thanks to the continued efforts to restore the original Bitcoin protocol, is the only blockchain that can offer unlimited scaling. It is also the only protocol that is now set in stone and which won’t be subject to constant manipulation by developers. As a result, enterprise businesses, as well as any business, can take advantage of a solid blockchain solution that is able to process over 15,000 transactions a second at costs much lower than what these companies are currently spending to maintain their operations. 

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