Twetch's Tappy Taco

Tappy Taco: Twetch’s move into e-sports

Did you know you can earn Bitcoin (BSV) by playing arcade games? Today Twetch launched Twetch Arcade as well as the very first game in its arcade, ‘Tappy Taco.’

What is Tappy Taco?

Tappy Taco is reminiscent of Flappy Birds, the infamous game in which an item–in Twetch’s case a taco–flies through the air when the player of the game taps their screen or clicks their mouse. The goal is to keep the taco in the air for as long as it’s possible, which means that you are continually avoiding the barriers that will take the taco out of flight.

“We believe that there is a big future with gaming on Bitcoin. Tappy Taco is a proof of concept that leverages micro-payments (25 cents per play)–something that is not possible on BTC or ETH,” said Josh Petty the co-founder and CEO of Twetch.

How Bitcoin is changing e-sports

Twetch Arcade marks Twetch’s move into e-sports; e-sports offerings built on Bitcoin have disrupted gaming as we formerly knew it thanks to Bitcoin’s low transaction fees which allow micro-payment economies to be created. Thanks to micro-payments, when an individual plays Tappy Taco and ranks on the leaderboard, they receive a micro-payment from every individual that plays after them and scores below them.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how Bitcoin can disrupt e-sports and gaming. Imagine a world where a ‘casual gamer’ is making a pro-gamers salary because they are just as talented, continually rank high on leaderboards, and receive micro-payments from all players that rank under them.

This is only possible on Bitcoin, where low transaction fees, fast throughput time, and the ability to process thousands of transactions per second make it feasible for pennies and fractions of pennies to be paid out to several players at once.

“We definitely see a big future for the Twetch Arcade,” said Billy Rose the co-founder and Chief Meme Officer of Twetch.

“We see Tappy Taco as the first of many games to come, this game has been in the works for a few days, but we have been talking about doing something like this for years, it feels good to have executed that vision.”

To which Josh Petty added,

“This [Tappy Taco] is just a practice run, there is a big future with gameplay and digital/physical items.”

Where can I play Tappy Taco?

You can play Tappy Taco by visiting the Twetch Arcade.

Twetch has been notorious for rewarding its users for supporting and using its platform, and the word on the street is that people who are playing Tappy Taco will receive a reward soon™.

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