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SLictionary Word Bounty: CoinGeek’s word of the week is Blockhead

Calling all wannabe wordsmiths: every week going forward, CoinGeek will sponsor a word bounty per week on SLictionary. This is BSV’s native communally-sourced dictionary fueled by micropayments. The word bounties are a chance to earn BSV by defining words your way.

This week, CoinGeek is offering $25 for the best definition of Blockhead. At the time of writing, this word is still awaiting its first definition. The contest will last for another +7 days.

Other SLictionary Word Bounties this week

If you don’t fancy tackling “Blockhead” or want to try defining some other words, here’s a list of 10 other word bounties for this week. These competitions will all run for +7 days.

(1) Deja Vu – Still undefined, the $1.10 bounty on Deja Vu remains up for grabs. I could swear I’ve seen this word on the SLictionary word bounty list before. Strange, isn’t it?

(2) Texas – The Lone Star state evokes imagery of ten-gallon hats, oilfields, and cacti baking in the sun. How do you define Texas? Have your say for a chance to win the $1.01 bounty.

(3) Gif – Anyone who uses Twitter or other popular social media platforms will certainly have encountered gifs, but how would you explain what they are to someone who has never seen one? There’s a $1.01 bounty on this word this week if you think you can do it.

(4) Psalm – With Easter just having passed, this week is the ideal time to try and define Psalm. It has two common meanings; a sacred song or hymn and a book in the bible. What does Psalm mean to you? This word has a $1 bounty right now.

(5) Virtual Reality – With all the recent talk about the Metaverse, now’s the ideal time to define virtual reality. We know what it is in theory, but what is it really? Say it your way for a shot at the $1 bounty this week.

(6) Cinco de Mayo – The Wikipedia definition is that this is an annual holiday celebrating Mexico’s victory over the French Empire. It’s a safe bet that Cinco de Mayo means much more to many people than this literal definition. Define it your way for a shot at winning the $1 bounty.

(7) Embellish – We’ve all added a few details to a story to make it more interesting once or twice. That’s the basic definition of what it means to embellish something. Do you have a better way to explain it? If so, the $1 word bounty could be yours.

(8) Anomaly – You could say that Satoshi Nakamoto‘s intellect is an anomaly, a deviation from the statistical norm. That describes what this word means with a real example. How would you define it? Have a try for a shot at the $0.50 bounty.

(9) Horny – This word will surely inspire some intriguing definitions. Reading the standard definition just doesn’t do it justice. If you think you can do better than “feeling or arousing sexual excitement” *yawn,* then have at it for a chance to win $0.50 in BSV this week.

(10) Peckish – You’re not quite hungry, but you could eat. That’s an off-the-cuff definition of ‘peckish,’ but it doesn’t quite do the word justice. Fancy trying to define it better? You could win $0.28 in BSV if the community agrees that your definition is the best.

SLictionary Co-founder John Pitts had this to say: “Week one’s ARCADE was won by a seasoned Word Bounty veteran; yet, week two’s BLOCK was won by a 5th grader named Abbey from the BSV-enabled Red Barn School. These winners prove two things: experience/practice matters, but anyone can win on any given Tuesday!”

There are many other words awaiting definitions on SLictionary’s Word Bounty page. Why not try some of them or vote for some of your favorite definitions? You can even offer your own bounty on words you’d like the community to define!

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