Happy Easter from CoinGeek!

Happy Easter from CoinGeek!

Easter, a commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, reminds me of BSV—a digital asset that A LOT of people believe is dead and buried in the depths of CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Some people who believed BSV was dead have realized that they are mistaken, that BSV is alive and well, and that a resurrection has taken place within the Bitcoin protocol that allows the blockchain network to be used for more than speculation.

Others are unaware of the resurrection and will continually be surprised when they see statistics that show that BSV is alive and thriving; such as the millions of transactions that take place on-chain per day, the massive amounts of data that can fit into a block on the BSV network, the new businesses and entrepreneurs that are entering the space and building on-chain, and the apps and services that have already launched on the BSV blockchain that have active users and returning customers.

Is Bitcoin SV dead?

Some thought Bitcoin SV had been killed off by the crypto crime cartel that colluded to have BSV delisted from digital currency exchanges. Because the crime cartel successfully delisted BSV from their exchanges, the number of onramps and offramps into and out of BSV were significantly reduced for a short period of time.

Some people, myself included, knew that the collusion by the exchanges did not kill BSV. Still, others, who are only used to interacting with blockchain networks for speculative purposes, believed that BSV had died because it had become more challenging to buy and sell.

But the delisting event did not kill BSV. While the crypto crime cartel was colluding, Bitcoin engineers were building crucial infrastructures on the BSV network. Some of this infrastructure paved the way for companies of the future to build their businesses on-chain at a faster pace than was possible before.

The result is that there are now more companies, more investors, and more consumers than ever before, building, investing, and using the apps and services that have been built on the BSV blockchain.

Will Bitcoin SV recover?

Some people knew BSV never died. Others believed BSV was dead but quickly learned that they were wrong, some have not realized it yet, but this group will have to turn their attention to BSV soon and will be forced to recognize that it is alive and thriving

Why? Because there are not many blockchain networks that can operate at scale and handle the workload that governments, enterprises, and esports/gaming companies demand—but BSV can and does meet these demands right now.

When the individuals and enterprises that are trying to build their solutions on technologically limited chains hit a wall because the specs of the network prevent their business solution from being built, executed, or operating at scale; they will realize that Bitcoin SV is the Bitcoin protocol resurrected and that it is the blockchain network that can meet their business needs.

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