John “Jack” Pitts joins Kurt Wuckert Jr. on the sidelines of the London Blockchain Conference

SLictionary’s Jack Pitts on CoinGeek TV: ‘What if you had the definition of Bitcoin directly by Satoshi in your dictionary?’

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Who can define Bitcoin better than the man who invented it—Satoshi Nakamoto? And would you rather read the definition of a curveball from a literature professor from Oxford University or from Sandy Koufax, the LA Dodgers legend and one of the greatest pitchers in history?

John “Jack” Pitts says a new era of expert dictionary definitions is upon us, and SLictionary is giving users the ultimate destination for it.

CoinGeek TV‘s Kurt Wuckert Jr. caught up with Pitts after his appearance on a panel at the London Blockchain Conference to talk about SLictionary, the BSV blockchain, and more.

Pitts is on a mission to create a crowd-sourced dictionary from scratch. The task is daunting: after all, it took Professor James Murray 70 years to complete the Oxford Dictionary. To achieve the mission, he’s calling on ordinary people in the same way Murray did in the late nineteenth century.

“We believe that people are experts at defining words…who better to define IP—nChain’s IP lawyer or some guy from Cambridge who’s an English professor? What we’re building is the Great Library of Alexandria, and it’s written by all of us.”

One of the key features of SLictionary is the Word Bounty which runs for 10 days and the best definition of the given word wins some BSV, Pitts pointed out.

The latest feature is celebrity (spelled SLebrity) definitions, where those who most understand any topic get to define words on SLictionary: think Satoshi defining Bitcoin or Babe Ruth defining baseball.

“Anybody can define Bitcoin, but why would I not want the inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, to define it?”

As a bonus, these expert and celebrity definitions can be auctioned off to users to own permanently. Pitts says this is similar to having an autograph from a sports idol or a Hollywood actor. And unlike the autographs, owners of these definitions get to share the revenue generated from site visits on SLictionary.

“It’s like if you owned the Mona Lisa and placed it in a museum, and then you get a cut of every 25 bucks paid to get to the museum,” he pointed out.

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