Shammah Chancellor becomes latest to walk away from Bitcoin Unlimited

Shammah Chancellor latest to walk away from Bitcoin Unlimited

Already this month, three Bitcoin Cash (BCH) leaders have decided to give up on Bitcoin Unlimited (BU). These have included Antony Zegers, Amaury Séchet and Tomislav Dugandzic, who all resigned over disagreements with how BU is operating. A fourth BU member has now exited, arguing that he believes BU’s Articles of Federation are not being followed the way they were intended.

Shammah Chancellor announced his resignation in a lengthy blog post on his website. He argues that BU is not fulfilling its purpose, making its continued existence a waste of “time, energy, and money.” He adds, “Staying a member of such an organization is a disservice to would-be future members. It sends social signals which create pretense, and inadvertently mislead people who are otherwise unfamiliar with the details of what has been occurring. This is especially true if there is no possible mechanism for the purpose of an organization to be actualized.”

Chancellor points out that the Articles of Federation lack coherency and that they have become outdate. He asserts that Bitcoin Core (BTC) will not be the leading cryptocurrency going forward—the currency that is used as the primary digital worldwide currency for everyone and all companies.

One of the Articles asserts that the “voices of scientists, scholars, developers, entrepreneurs, investors and users should all be heard and respected.” However, Chancellor rightly refutes this, stating that there is “no guarantee in the member selection process that these groups have any representation in the governing body of Bitcoin Unlimited.”

Chancellor is also concerned about the lack of consensus perceived in BU. He explains, “Consensus occurs when a group of people are working with a common purpose. The act of working is important to consensus, and it is also important that the purpose is shared. Consensus is observed at the moment that shared action is undertaken. However, vote-taking is an attempt to convince the minority to consent to the wishes of the majority; and even change their views. Voting defined properly is coercion.”

Along those lines, in connection with the recent resignations, certain individuals have been trying to convince BCH users to apply for BU membership for one, singular purpose—to disempower BSV supporters. As Chancellor aptly points out to those individuals, “It’ll waste time and energy, and in the end, the individuals who perpetrate this fight will be left with an organization whose Articles of Federation are only a pretense which confines the acceptable limits of the real work which needs to get done.”

Apart from giving up on BU, Chancellor also believes the organization should be disbanded. At the rate things are going with departures, that might happen sooner, rather than later.

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