Major Bitcoin Unlimited developer exits, calling it a ‘sad joke’

Anyone remotely familiar with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC) should recognize the name Amaury Séchet. He a leading developer of BCHABC and has been at the head of many changes seen with the cryptocurrency. However, the expert has now publicly renounced his membership to one of the core projects that led to the creation of BCH, calling the project a “sad joke.”

Séchet is apparently no longer a member of the Bitcoin Unlimited (BU). BU is a code implementation that most have said was the start to BCH, as it included coding that was able to increase Bitcoin’s block size parameters.

The developer announced in a Medium post yesterday that he was dismayed with the direction BU has taken. He added that bugs still remain in the code that could allow an unknown developer to crash BU nodes and said that the BU has continued to worsen, not improve, over the past two years. He also took the opportunity to swipe at BU for supporting Bitcoin SV (BSV).

Séchet added, “Today, BU membership is composed of numerous BSV supporters. Not only some of them think that suing developers (including myself) providing open source software for free is good, but many are openly hostile to Bitcoin Cash. The BUIP [Bitcoin Unlimited Improvement Proposals] process has turned into a sad joke, with proposals more and more absurd being voted on. BU leaders are complacent and, while saying that the attitude of the BSV community will cost them developer support, they continue to enable the toxic behavior by supporting BSV.”

Séchet is yet another developer who believes that he knows what’s best for Bitcoin. He argues in his Medium post that the “Bitcoin Cash project seeks to bring more freedom to the world by engaging in voluntary cooperation to build a better form of money.” However, there have already been more than a few examples of the continued centralization of the BCH community, which is resulting in less freedom, not more.

More developers and the crypto community, in general, are realizing that BSV actually is the true and original Bitcoin, and that it works as crypto was intended. This isn’t sitting well with some developers who have come in over the years and, almost without exception, believe they understand crypto better than anyone else. Despite all of the attempts to redefine crypto based on a developer’s personal agenda, BSV and its supporters remain committed to allowing Bitcoin to excel as it has been intended since its inception.

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