SFOX publishes to Bitcoin SV resources for its traders

The San Francisco Open Exchange, perhaps better known as SFOX, is an exchange that really does focus on providing value to its traders. Not only do they offer some of the best trading prices, account security and transparency, but they also work to inform their traders. They showed that most recently by publishing a very informative article about Bitcoin SV (BSV).

SFOX published “The Bitcoin SV People, Wallets, Miners, and Other Resources You Need to Know” to medium, a round-up of some of the most crucial information about the BSV ecosystem. In the article, the title pretty much speak for itself, as it covers all of the top minds, resources, and community information you would want to know.

For example, the article provides succinct biographies and social media information for Dr. Craig Wright, the creator of Bitcoin, as well as CoinGeek Founder Calvin Ayre, Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, and Bitcoin SV Node leaders like Daniel Connoly and Steve Shadders.

Miners can quickly find out more about SVPool, Mempool, CoinGeek and other mining groups. Users can learn about all the wallets that support BSV, like HandCash, Money Button, Centbee, and of course, SFOX. Developers can gain access to resources like BSV/DEVS and the recently updates bitcoinsvdevelopers.com. And those looking to meet more members of the BSV community can find the Bitcoin Association, the Bitcoin Meetup Network and the Bitcoin SV Telegram.

For SFOX traders that may want to know more about BSV before investing in the true Bitcoin, this is a tremendous resource. Many of the best examples of the BSV world have been gathered all in one place, with the most pertinent details highlighted and links provided so they can find out more.

To be clear though, SFOX is an exchange that, while friendly to the BSV world, is very much neutral, and just trying to provide the most information for their own users. However, they are clearly doing it in the most fair and open manner by redirecting users to BSV’s sources of content, and letting them decide for themselves.

Certainly though, SFOX traders who access this information will quickly learn that BSV is the only Bitcoin to follow the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto and pursue massive blockchain scaling. By doing so, it’s ensuring that Bitcoin will not only be the digital currency of the future, but also the world’s data ledger through the Metanet, allowing enterprises to build their future applications on the blockchain.

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