Ryan X. Charles believes in the economic vision of Bitcoin SV

Ryan X. Charles believes in the economic vision of Bitcoin SV

Money Button has been one of the fiercest supporters of Bitcoin SV (BSV), the only crypto to follow the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto. Ryan X. Charles, the CEO of the easy to use BSV payment system, joined CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero to discuss why he is such a fierce proponent of the digital currency, and what’s coming up next for his company.

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When asked why he believes BSV is the true Bitcoin, Charles responded, “If you simply look at what cryptocurrencies and blockchains currently exist, Bitcoin SV is the only one that actually has the original protocol.”

The Money Button CEO is aware that Bitcoin Core (BTC) supporters will still argue for their crypto. His answer to that is “it really isn’t, because the economics of Bitcoin Core are radically different than it was originally. It’s completely different now. You can’t throttle the size of blocks, the size of transactions and all that stuff.”

What Charles realizes that so many don’t is that Bitcoin is more than just some code, it’s a vision. He explains, “Bitcoin is actually an economic protocol, it’s not software first, it is economics first. Software is a tool that we use. Cryptography is a tool that we use to actually implement the economics, but it’s the economics that matters. Bitcoin SV is the only one… Read the white paper, read what Satoshi wrote, look at the original code, Bitcoin SV is it.”

Money Button was quick to throw its support behind BSV. Just days after the contentions November 15 hard fork that saw Bitcoin reborn as BSV, Money Button declared in a blog post that BSV was the only blockchain following the original Bitcoin protocol. He elaborated on this decision in this recent interview, and his confidence in BSV’s future, stating:

“First of all, Bitcoin SV is Bitcoin, and I believe that Bitcoin is the right way to solve this problem. Bitcoin is sound money that scales to the entire world. I will also say that given the recent events, within the SV world, people deeply appreciate stability. They deeply appreciate that we need to keep the protocol the same. So that gives me confidence, the fact that it is the original Bitcoin, as well as the fact that the values of people in the SV world are aligned with stability and growth.”

The Money Button app is a great way for websites to accept payments using BSV. Charles explains it as a “Facebook-like button, but its money. It’s a payments button that you can easily configure and copy and paste into a website in one minute, so it’s the easiest payment system that you can install.”

One of the hallmarks of BSV is that its built for ease of use and adoption, and Money Button focuses on that as well. “We place a very strong emphasis on user experience, for the end user as well as the developer experience for the people that are using it,” said Charles. “So it is simply the world’s simplest payment system, and the payment system is actually the blockchain.”

His team has achieved a lot since the November hard fork. In December, they ditched the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) associated CashAddr format. They also rolled out the bsv JavaScript library, to help with key management and transaction building for BSV. 

For Money Button to break through, they will next be focusing on growth. To do that, Charles says, “We need to solve something that we call the onboarding problem. This means basically empowering anybody to easily acquire cryptocurrency.”

Ryan X. Charles is not yet ready to spell out the specifics of how his team plans to achieve this goal, but they have something in the works. He notes, “We’re going to rollout probably over ultimately a long period of time, but we’re going to launch all sorts of iterations of it soon. You can look for it probably as soon as January, we’ll have the first version of our solution to the onboarding problem ready to go.”

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