Support for Bitcoin SV growing

Support for Bitcoin SV growing

Firms in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space have come out in support of Bitcoin SV, in light of the recent Bitcoin Cash hard fork.

Money Button, which runs allowing users to monetize content in Bitcoin Cash, said in a blog post that “Bitcoin SV is the closest blockchain to the original Bitcoin protocol,” which the company said “fully and completely solved the problem of sound money for the entire world.”

Unlike with the ABC implementation that maintains a maximum block size of 32MB, Bitcoin SV has increased this to 128MB. Money Button supported this update, saying, “We need to raise the limits to the edge of the abilities of the software, and identify and fix all scaling limitations.”

Money Button CEO Ryan X. Charles, in a YouTube video, made similar points as in the blog post, noting that Bitcoin ABC and its supporters seemed to lack a clear mission statement. “In my opinion, the way this looks, is that you guys didn’t actually rally around the idea of sound digital money for the entire world. No one actually really cared about CTOR, and CDS, and the clean-stack rule. What you guys actually rallied around was booting Craig Wright from the community. You actually decided to agree to these unusual changes that not really everyone agreed to, but you agreed to them anyway because you realized this was a way to actually extract Craig,” he said.

Charles said that while it was unclear what the forked coins’ ticker symbols will be, “I personally don’t care about the name… What we’re really trying to do here is create Bitcoin at scale… We’re trying to solve problems for real people here. They don’t care what the name is.”

Blockchain-powered social media platform tweeted that it was running Bitcoin SV, but added, “We are still open on how to support both ABC and SV, and for now we needed to make a decision to move forward.”

Alex Agut of HandCash said his company will be following the Bitcoin SV ruleset “exclusively,” because of the “honest hash” used for mining operations, that is, hash power not borrowed from other networks. Agut pointed out that, contrary to what many are now saying, the hash war “is not over yet… It could take weeks or months, but based on hashpower and economic incentives, the SV ruleset is most probably going to be the imposed ruleset for BCH in the end, and we do not wish to change chains again. There is no technical indicator that points to another possible result.”

James Belding of Tokenized, the company that was recently awarded £5 million for its Bitcoin Cash tokenization solution, tweeted, “The Tokenized team will be supporting Bitcoin SV (BSV) exclusively. We firmly believe in the original vision of Bitcoin, as described in the WP and Satoshi’s early writings, and are proud to keep working to bring sound money to the world.” He said of ABC supporters, “We hope to join forces again in the future. We know how much you all care about the mission.”

Video streaming platform tweeted, “We stand in support of Bitcoin SV because we believe that @nChainGlobal and @RealCoinGeek have the right plan to scale Bitcoin to global money.”

Bitcoin Cash wallet Centbee said in a tweet that it was supporting “the original #Bitcoin Protocol as described in the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper. @BitcoinSVNode is the only implementation that follows this protocol and that is why we support it.”

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