Rare Candy

Rare Candy is Bitcoin’s newest NFT platform

Does Bitcoin SV finally have the NFT platform that will rival Ethereum’s OpenSea? The team at Rare Candy would like to think the answer to that question is yes.

“Rare Candy is a next-generation NFT launchpad and marketplace built for creators, artists, fans, and collectors,” according to the Rare Candy team who wishes to stay anonymous.

“There is currently no official launch date [but] we will launch soon,” they said.

Rare Candy is an emerging NFT Platform that supports Bitcoin-based NFTs. The company first appeared on Twitter on November 17; since then, Rare Candy has generated a significant amount of buzz, especially with the first two NFT projects that will be launching on the Rare Candy Platform: Astro Apes and Oni Society.

“We plan to release Rare Candy with the very popular Astro Apes (@basedapes on Twitter) and highly sought after Oni Society (@onisociety). These are the first and only blue-chip NFTs on BSV. We have many more partnerships in the works,” said the Rare Candy team.

Although the Rare Candy team says there is no official launch date, the Astro Apes Twitter account says the project launches on December 1. The Rare Candy team has also confirmed via Twitter that December 1 will be the launch date, although they did not provide the time that it will launch.

Does BSV really need another NFT platform?

Many would say yes to that question.

To date, only two NFT platforms that support BSV-based NFTs have launched, RelayX and TokenPow. The first only supports RUN protocol tokens and the latter supports both RUN and Simple Fabriik Protocol tokens. However, neither of these platforms has picked up significant amounts of traction. The RelayX platform did host the relatively successful launch of the Gopnikz NFTs; however, the Gopnik NFTs quickly lost steam and are now selling for below their mint price.

“We identified the market opportunity that some very talented artists and creators in BSV were being underserved. The current NFT marketplaces were not offering the high-quality user experience that other blockchains offer like Opensea on Ethereum and Magic Eden on Solana. Rare Candy will be even better,” said the Rare Candy team.

Will this time be different?

To date, NFT releases on the BSV blockchain have been underwhelming. One reason for that is because BSV lacks a central NFT marketplace that provides a good user experience— those are among the many reasons why NFTs on Ethereum were able to thrive.

Rare Candy believes it is filling the gaps that remain vacant on the two other Bitcoin-based NFT platforms, but for this to be true, the Rare Candy team will need to create a platform that is intuitive to use, with an enjoyable user experience, and a selection of NFTs that separates the signal from the noise for the platform’s users.

“We see a big future around buying, minting, and collecting NFTs. In the last 2-3 years alone there have been major leaps forward in the all-around experience of NFTs. NFTs are going to look very different in the future and we are going to take it there. Pay close attention to Rare Candy.io,” said the Rare Candy team.

“The world of NFTs is rapidly evolving, including many types of media and user experiences around collecting. We are going to offer a more immersive experience around the NFT for the collector and artist. Rare Candy created a refined and efficient minting experience for the artists, and we are going to push the limits in terms of the types of art that we offer. Very soon everyone will experience the best NFT platform in the world. We would rather show you than talk about it.”

The market for NFTs on BSV is still in its very early stages and no company has figured out the recipe for success when it comes to a Bitcoin-based NFT platform—but Rare Candy thinks that will change with the launch of their platform today.

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