Muhammad Salman Anjum

Public sector to benefit most from blockchain: Muhammad Salman Anjum on CoinGeek Backstage

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The use of blockchain technology in finance, supply chain management, retail and other similar sectors has been well documented. However, according to Muhammad Salman Anjum, the technology’s biggest gains will be in the public sector. Speaking to CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero, Salman recounted how he has been working to promote adoption of BSV blockchain by governments and leading the BSV Hub for the Middle East and South Asia region.

“If any entity really requires blockchain, then it’s the government,” Salman said on this episode of CoinGeek Backstage. Blockchain allows governments to gain the trust of their citizens, businesses and other governments.

However, most governments have been hesitant to adopt blockchain technology as most networks are not complete packages, he noted. BSV is stepping up to the challenge and offering these governments a solution to all their needs and concerns.

“Blockchain for the sake of blockchain has already happened… now they want ROI-based implementations, and BSV blockchain can bring them this.”

Salman was speaking on the sidelines of CoinGeek Zurich where he made a presentation on how his company, InvoiceMate, is bringing the powers of Bitcoin SV to the world of invoicing.

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Aside from fostering the adoption of blockchain technology via InvoiceMate, Salman also heads the Bitcoin SV Hub for MESA, a region that’s home to a third of the world’s population. In his role, he has been working with governments, academia, enterprises and developers in the region to promote the adoption of the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Salman has been travelling in a lot of countries as a member of the Bitcoin SV contingent promoting the adoption of the BSV blockchain. One of the countries this contingent has focused extensively on is the UAE, rightly so as Dubai hosts the BSV Hub for MESA.

Salman noted that the UAE is out to become the global blockchain hub. While many countries have focused on either digital currencies or blockchain, the UAE is pushing the limits with both. He expects that by 2023, the entire government will run on the blockchain. This presents a great opportunity for the BSV blockchain, Salman believes.

Aside from working on InvoiceMate, Salman is also exploring the “first Islamic Sharia-compliant token.” The token will have a proper and strong use case, he pointed out. “This is not a token for the sake of a token, it’s not a whitepaper-based token; it’s an application-first, practical implementation-second and then adoption of the token.”

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