Pre-registration opens for CoinGeek New York

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With CoinGeek London 2020 having recently wrapped up as a great success in the world of Bitcoin SV (BSV), the world of on-chain businesses and developers have been sent off to build their next great innovations. But before you know it, it’ll be time for the next big CoinGeek onference. It’ll be here before you know it, and pre-registration for CoinGeek New York has just started.

CoinGeek New York will bring all of the exciting conference moments you’ve come to expect from a CoinGeek conference to the United States for the first time, and will be in the global financial capital, New York City. Although no date or venues have been announced at this time, prior events like CoinGeek London, Seoul and Toronto have proven that it will happen at a momentous time for Bitcoin, and at a world class venue.

Past conferences have proven that big announcements happen at CoinGeek Conferences. EHR Data announced at the CoinGeek London conference that they would use the BSV blockchain to digitize medical records. We learned in Korea that Bukson would be coming to the BSV chain, to help musicians earn and use the digital asset. And Hayato Kameta took the stage in Toronto to explain how his company would record valuable real estate data to the BSV chain.

New York will also mark an important culture change for BSV developers. Planaria’s Sean Pollock told the CoinGeek London crowd that he believes the New York development scene is a bit more scrappy than its London equivalent, which he perceived as sophisticated and developed. That scrappy attitude will shine through in New York, and show CoinGeek audiences a totally different side of Bitcoin.

And of course, you can’t overlook CoinGeek’s after parties. The CoinGeek London after-party, themed Back to the Future, had everything the world has come to expect from a party thrown by CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre. A fun theme, great music, amazing people; it’s the perfect way to end a productive conference.

So if you have any intention of making it out to New York later this year, make sure to pre-register now for CoinGeek London. It’s guaranteed to be another momentous occasion in Bitcoin’s history.

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