CoinGeek London after-party marks Bitcoin’s jump ahead in time

CoinGeek doesn’t just host the biggest Bitcoin conferences, they throw the best parties as well. To celebrate the conclusion of CoinGeek London Conference on February 21, 2020, CoinGeek threw one of its wildest parties yet, honoring the return to the Genesis protocol with a fun Back to the Future theme.

Held at The London Reign, the party had so many of the things we’ve come to expect from CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre. With acrobats performing on stage and hanging from the ceiling, sexy dancers and CoinGeek models, and fire dancers showing off their moves, the party had all the entertainment you could ask for.


Calvin Ayre, complete with stylish flashing LED shades, was pretty happy with how the conference went overall. “CoinGeek, in addition to throwing the best conference this industry’s ever seen for application development, we own globally the parties in this industry,” he told CoinGeek reporter Tyler Suess.

Just a few weeks prior to CoinGeek London, Bitcoin SV (BSV) was returned as closely as possible to the original Satoshi whitepaper with the Genesis protocol upgrade. A great metaphor for that change was the Back to the Future movie trilogy, and this party went all out on the theme. A fully modded Delorean, built to look like the movie’s time machine, was parked outside the venue. Guests of the party mingled with a Dr. Emmett Brown, slamming and serving shots of…something.


“Have you seen my granddad?” Marty McFly asked our reporter. “He’s got a lot of weapons grade plutonium right now, so please don’t go near him, ok?”


Totally down for the theme was Dr. Craig S. Wright, who showed up in his own mad scientist outfit. “This is great. We’ve got to get ourselves 2.1 gigatokens to save the world,” he said.

After a week of demonstrating the professionalism of BSV, Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen got into something a little more comfortable to party hard. “It’s been an epic CoinGeek London,” he said. “A new dawn for Bitcoin, and a time to celebrate.”

With everyone primed to build on the BSV blockchain after all the exciting news of the week, Nguyen left us with this exciting send off. “Yeah, we’re going back to the future of Bitcoin!”


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