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Power Users of BSV – SVTHOTH

This is the first article in a series where we interview actual users of BSV applications to understand which applications they use, what the pain points are and what is needed moving forward to scale and reach mass adoption. The intention of this series is to learn the thoughts of those with “boots on the ground” instead of just the entrepreneurs and developers.

First, I interview power user SVTHOTH, who I have observed has used many Bitcoin SV applications over the last few years.

What is your favorite application built on Bitcoin and why?

SVTHOTH: RelayX is my favorite application. I enjoy creating digital collectables and RelayX gives me the greatest space for creativity. I can mint anything I want, at any time, with no permission. I’ve met a great community of Bitcoin users through the work I’ve done there.

It’s given me a place to get started and grow organically as a new 3D artist. My NFT portfolio has also led to many commissioned jobs which is really exciting for me. I love to help people with their vision. Putting work on chain feels purposeful and fulfilling.

What application(s) do you use on a daily basis and why?

SVTHOTH: I use HandCash as a daily BSV wallet which is both beautiful and functional. With HandCash, I regularly use the apps TakeitNFT, Real World Podcasts, LaMint, and Haste Arcade. The wallet serves as identity within the apps and makes it effortless to use/earn micropayment-capable Bitcoin. LaMint for example allows me to post/view photos for free and earn/grant tips peer to peer. I like to onboard new people using HandCash, it’s a friendly environment for new users to try Bitcoin.

I use RelayX to buy and sell NFTs. Minting is really easy and with no moderation or curation the ability to get an NFT up for sale is fairly instant and frictionless. That said, the process is so easy and inexpensive that there can be a lot of undesired and even fraudulent NFTs to sift through. Many NFT customers prefer/demand a more curated experience. I am considering using TakeitNFT for this reason, however, RelayX still provides the greatest sense of ownership IMO with the ability to send NFTs to other wallets. I also like to airdrop NFTs to supporters, so this is crucial.

How long have you been a digital currency user?

SVTHOTH: I’ve been using digital currencies since 2019. Becoming a father re-sparked my curiosity. I was first introduced to Bitcoin in 2011 by a group of sovereign citizens. It gave me a great sense of hope and liberty but their wild antics with the law and my young age kept me away at the time.

What other digital currencies do you use?

SVTHOTH: I have used $BTC, $BNB and $ETH to access alt coins such as $SOL, $RUNE, $DASH, $XRP, $RVN and $XMR. I’m recently intrigued by Saito and Radiant but have not used them yet. BSV has been the most inspiring for me thus far. Micropayments inspire generosity.

What do you think the Bitcoin SV space needs the most?

SVTHOTH: We need users and open mindedness within the larger crypto community. When people start using Bitcoin, a certain transformation begins. It changes the way we see and think about the world. The world is a result of what we think and so the implications that Bitcoin has on our reality are tremendous.

Every master of their craft will have fresh and expansive ideas once exposed to Bitcoin. Every human. Users on Bitcoin = Transformed planet. The users already here need to keep refining skills, keep digging for the best ideas and we need to support each other. Our individual success makes Bitcoin more valuable and facilitates positive change in our world.

Are you still bullish on the BSV price?

SVTHOTH: Yes because of the ability to earn. It’s easier to earn more Bitcoin at a lower price. A high price is what I fear because satoshis will become increasingly hard to acquire. BSV is largely undiscovered and so Bitcoin’s capabilities are mostly unknown. The whole world can contribute to the Bitcoin Universe… the sky’s the limit.

What overall impact (positive, negative, neutral) do you feel that Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre have on the space?

SVTHOTH: Both have been instrumental in the survival of the Bitcoin protocol. From that perspective I have to say positive, and we have to be grateful. From an educational standpoint CSW provides more value than a person can typically handle. How much time do you have? Most people don’t take the time to know people and take even less time understanding their philosophy. This may greatly benefit those who do take the time.

I do fear “the casual crowd” only sees social arguments which I think can be negative and unnecessary. They have to live their own way and I respect that. I get into unnecessary arguments all the time myself, it’s good fun. We are all human and can be imperfect allies with an aligned goal for Bitcoin’s success.

Do you believe BSV needs better marketing?

SVTHOTH: Yes, and that goes for most applications also. Scalable Bitcoin has the power to spark global inspiration. Awareness is crucial. Most people are only aware of what’s available on the various exchanges. BSV is not an option in most people’s minds. I find it hard to recommend to friends and family because Bitcoin’s history is so controversial.

I feel I would have to disclose a few hours of my own perspective to give someone honest advice. I’d rather have people see a billboard that says, “Bitcoin Scales.” We need to plant those seeds. I also get the feeling Bitcoin doesn’t need advertising. It only needs your individual passion.

If so, why?

SVTHOTH: I poke around in some $RVN and $SOL discord communities and every time I’ve mentioned BSV I get asked “What is BSV?” They don’t know it exists and they don’t know its incredible capabilities. Using BSV can be an eye opener especially when most people think: “Bitcoin is slow.”

What are your pain points and frustrations when it comes to using applications that integrate Bitcoin SV?

SVTHOTH: Tough question. I wish the apps were a little more polished and interoperable. Most NFTs are not interoperable. File size and file type has been a pain point when minting NFTs.

What is the biggest risk in your opinion to Bitcoin achieving mass adoption?

SVTHOTH: Ignorance, fear, and governments. It’s a choice.

What is a hot take you have on the space?

SVTHOTH: Love is the law.

Thank you SVTHOTH for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope the readers understood more about the space from a daily users’ perspective. Check out his NFTs on RelayX at 1svthoth and 1lvx.

This article was lightly edited for clarity purposes.

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