Poloniex introduces margin-traded Bitcoin SV for international users

There’s a new way for Bitcoin fans from around the world to buy up Bitcoin SV (BSV). In a blog post, Circle have announced that users outside of the United States can now get BSV through margin trading on their Poloniex exchange.

The news came on April 11, shortly after Ethereum Classic (ETC) was also announced available. Using Bitcoin Core (BTC) as the base pair, Poloniex users outside of the U.S. can now get both BSV and BCHABC through margin trading at 2.5 times leverage. They join ETC, as well as XRP, ETH, XMR, STR, FCT, LTC, BTS, DOGE, DASH, MAID and CLAIM.

BSV is also now available for lending, so users holding the only true Bitcoin can choose to lend it to others and gain interest at market rates.

This isn’t the first time that Circle has branched into BSV with its group of products. In December, Circle Invest made BSV available for those who expect long term growth in Bitcoin’s value. Poloniex was also careful to stay neutral before the November 2018 hardfork that saw BSV split off from Bitcoin Cash to follow the original Satoshi Vision, and allowed users to pre-fork trade both BSV and BCHABC.

The immediate reply to the announcement on Twitter was confusion from BSV followers. Poloniex has decided to list the new margin trading pair with the ticker listing BCHSV. Several users replied that they should have simply gone with BSV, which it is more commonly known as. So if you’re looking to go trade on Poloniex for the real Bitcoin, take note.

If you do go acquire some BSV, there’s plenty of new ways to use it. Keep it safe in the recently announced Keevo hardware wallet,  record the weather to the blockchain with Weather SV, or shop with some of the top sites using The White Wallet.

That’s a lot of options, and they’re made possible by BSV’s ability to scale the blockchain. If that’s something you’re really excited about, why not join some of the people who make it possible at the CoinGeek Toronto conference. It will happen on May 29-30 and that’s coming up fast, so register now. You can even use some of that margin-traded Bitcoin SV via Coingate to save money on your entrance.

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