The White Company adds further utility to Bitcoin SV (BSV) including Amazon

The White Company adds further utility to Bitcoin SV (BSV) including Amazon

– the only cryptocurrency that has proven scalability –

The White Wallet by the The White Company is the first wallet to enable cryptocurrency holders to use BSV for purchases at Amazon, Uber, Steam and iTunes. The White Wallet also allows cash withdrawals, prepaid Visa and MasterCards in 10 fiat currencies (CAD, JPY, CNY, AUD, HKD, BRL and INR in addition to the previously supported USD, EUR and GBP).

Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of the Bitcoin Association commented: “With Bitcoin BSV having a technical plan for massive on-chain scaling and huge blocks, it is very clear that only BSV has the scalability to match the likes of VISA and PayPal. No other coin can offer this. The White Wallet’s evolution means that their BSV usability now extends to the biggest internet shopping portal in the world, The White Company are pioneers in this sector, providing capability for Bitcoin BSV to be easily used by everyday people to buy everyday things on the internet.”

Elizabeth White, Founder and CEO of The White Company, added: “The White Company has always focused on bringing real world usability to cryptocurrency, and this is a major step for us to bring mass adoption. Now, our clients will be able to effectively use their cryptocurrency at merchants worldwide such as Amazon, Apple, Uber, as well as retailers through prepaid Visa and MasterCard. White Wallet can now become a global wallet for crypto holders that they can use to buy nearly anything, anywhere.” 

About The White Company 

Founded in 2017, The White Company is using blockchain technology to connect the world of global payments and financial transactions. It is unique in the industry as it offers a complete solutions package combing stable coins, a fiat on/off ramp, a cryptocurrency exchange, wallet, merchant processing product and a reloadable debit card. The White Company has exchanged over $250 million USD of cryptocurrency into real world goods, has over $25 million USD transactions in White Standard stablecoins and has over 100,000 clients across the globe. For more, visit

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