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Philippine Blockchain Week 2022 lead convenor Donald Lim: Blockchain will fuel next generation

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If you’ve been involved in the digital currency space, especially in the past year, you’ve probably already heard of the word “Web 3.0″—one of the latest buzzwords of the blockchain sector. The technology, also known as the new iteration of the world wide web, was one of the hottest topics at the Philippine Blockchain Week 2022.

DITO Chief Marketing Officer Donald Lim, the lead convenor of the successful blockchain event, shared key takeaways about Web3, blockchain, and the Bitcoin innovations in the Philippines in his interview with CoinGeek Backstage reporter Claire Celdran.

Lim wants to encourage everyone to explore Web3, saying that many Web2 and Web3 people are clashing because of their different views on the two webs, so they started the Philippine Blockchain Week to bridge that gap.

“Apparently, there is that invisible barrier within both. What we believe in is that Web2 should slowly move forward to Web3, to accept the principles of Web3—of decentralization, of ensuring that the technology should be for all and should be powered by the people,” he said.

Lim said they’ve created the Blockchain Council of the Philippines thanks to the rising popularity of the tech in the Southeast Asian country.

“[With the Blockchain Council], we are able to gather all the players or the advocates of blockchain in one group…What we want is that when we set up this council—the Blockchain Council of the Philippines—is that at the very least, you have someone to ask questions, you have someone to go to whether you are an individual person in the Web3 or you are [in] the government or you are a regular company who wants to invest in this space. We can become an advisory board. We can become a shoulder to lean on,” he expressed.

As for pushing blockchain use for enterprises and government, Lim said that the next step is to create technical working groups, even sharing that the Blockchain Council could be of service regarding this matter.

“Maybe the Blockchain Council can sit as part of the technical working group. We can bring in our experts so you know where to go…We, as an independent body, as a collegial body, can now come in and help you,” he stated. “We’re not a for-profit or trade organization. [Our] intent is to hasten the adoption of blockchain because we believe that it’s the technology that will fuel the next generation.”

Lim added that their goal for the Philippine Blockchain Week and the council is to make the Philippines a blockchain capital.

“When I ventured into this space, it’s really a bit chaotic. It’s a pocket of communities, but they don’t talk to one another. [The] government wants to regulate, but they don’t know what to regulate [since] they don’t understand [the space]. Hopefully, the Philippine Blockchain Week is really a unifying platform for all of them to be in one room to understand. And when we leave the Philippine Blockchain Week, [hopefully] more working groups [could be created].”

Lim admits that this path will be challenging, and the conference will only solve some of the problems in the space, but for him, the week-long Philippine Blockchain Week helped to get to know the people in the industry.

“Let’s do use cases together so we can push blockchain forward,” he said.

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