Peergame’s new Points rewards is ‘essentially BSV’

BSV online gambling operator Peergame has launched its new rewards program, through which users can earn BSV simply by playing their favorite games.

Peergame recently announced the debut of Peergame Points (PGP), a system of cashback, prizes, gifts and giveaways that rewards players for every bet they make, regardless of whether the outcome of that wager is a win or a loss.

Peergame currently offers a variety of in-house traditional (roulette, baccarat, dice) casino products as well a growing number of non-traditional titles (Coin Battles, Turtle Race, Ladder). All transactions are recorded on the BSV blockchain to demonstrate Peergame’s commitment to a ‘provably fair’ player experience.

The PGP program, which made its official debut in May 2021, works on a 1:1 ratio with BSV. Essentially, 1 PGP = 1 BSV, and players have the option of wagering with either BSV or PGP, with all winnings paid directly to customers’ wallets in BSV.

Players earn PGP through a variety of methods, including various giveaways, prizes distributed via promotional events and a Welcome Package for new gamers that Peergame will be launching soon.

But the easiest way to earn PGP is to just keep on playing. Win or lose, players will receive PGP cashback on all of their wagers (through a formula of wager x 1% house edge x 3%).

Peergame secretly had its PGP program in place since March 10, allowing it to build a clandestine cache of cashback for all gamers who wagered on the site after that date. Regardless of when a user joined, Peergame is promising a faster and smoother game experience thanks to its new PGP program.

Peergame launched in 2019 with the lottery game Bitto and quickly became one of the BSV network’s most popular sites. The site took its inspiration from the Bitcoin sector’s pioneering online gambling site SatoshiDice, which was ultimately rendered dysfunctional by the BTC network’s notorious bandwidth issues.

With BSV as its foundation, Peergame aims to succeed where SatoshiDice failed. With PGP in its corner, Peergame appears closer than ever to realizing that goal.

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