Betting on hitting it big in the lottery: Peergame review

Betting on hitting it big in the lottery: Peergame review

Peergame has quickly become one of the most popular and fun pass-times on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. Players have been buying up thousands of tickets in the hopes of winning thousands of dollars. But what is all the fuss about, exactly?

When you visit, the first thing you see is a fair description of the site, “Play games with no hassles.” And as you’ll see, that’s a truthful summary of what the site offers. It has games, they are easy to play, and there’s nothing to distract from the fun. And as the site promises, it has no need for registration, instantly pays out, and is provably fair.

The site currently offers three games: Lottery, Turtle Race and the latest addition, the Ladder game. Jumping into each is simple enough, as you can chose them from the home page or from a drop down at the top of the screen at any time.

Diving into the Lottery, perhaps their most popular option, you’re immediately taken to a Play page, where the current jackpot prize is prominently featured at the top. Buying tickets is easy enough, with a toggle for how many tickets you could want to buy, a QR code, the ability to copy the address, or a money button as payment options. At press time, tickets were 0.007 BSV each, or $0.59. At the bottom, you can see what the current Jackpot Block is, and how many blocks until it’s reached.

On the right side the screen, you can see how many tickets have been bought for the current draw, previous jackpots, and search TxIDs to see if your bet might have won. Clicking on block hashes or TxIDs opens up Whatsonchain to view the action on the blockchain.

As we’ve previously noted, first place has a 1/65536 chance of being paid out gets the lucky winner 85% of the jackpot. But if you don’t manage to snag that big prize, second place carries an equally impressive 15% of the jackpot. If first place doesn’t pay out, the jackpot is carried forward to the next game. The biggest jackpot ever paid out was 110.745 BSV, $13,000 at the time.

What happens if you win? The money gets paid back to the wallet it was sent from. Easy!

Lottery games run once or twice a day, so if you want a little more immediate action, that’s where the Turtle race and Ladder game come into play. The Turtle race allows players to bet on a three turtle race every two minutes, with the winner taking home 2.94x their bet. The minimum bet is 0.02 BSV ($1.67), and the maximum is 1 BSV. When the 2 minute timer hits zero, the yellow, red and blue turtles race to their respective buoys.

The ladder game, the newest addition to the site, works nearly the same, but works a bit more like a simple game of Plinko, with a snake making its way down a ladder to either the red or blue goal. Bets pay out at 1.96x the wager, with a minimum of 0.05 BSV and maximum of 1.2 BSV for wagers.

If you’re ever lost on the site, documentation is easy to find too. Game rules and documentation to their fairness can be accessed at the top of every page. If you want to see the latest news from the Peergame team, prominent Contact links, and Twitter and Telegram information, can be found at the bottom of the page.

What’s the site missing? Well, compared to other BSV games like, it could use some community features like chat. But to be fair, that would detract from the “games with no hassles” mantra of the site, and there is always some Peergame discussion going on at Twetch, so it’s not lacking for community.

All in all, Peergame sets out to do exactly what it promises. It offers BSV games that work, let users win a bit of money, and with no distractions. Based on their recent success, and the growth they are continuing to show, it’s worth betting they’ll continue to be a big part of BSVs future.

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