Patrick Prinz on CoinGeek Backstage

Patrick Prinz on CoinGeek Backstage: No one should build on infrastructure that limits you, switch to BSV

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“Whether it’s a one-person startup or a 1000-employee enterprise, no one should build on any infrastructure that limits you,” Patrick Prinz told CoinGeek Backstage in an interview at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention (GBC) in Dubai. The BSV Blockchain Association managing director believes that it’s all about scale, and BSV is clear at the top as the only blockchain network that scales to meet enterprise needs.

“I think the [BSV] ecosystem is professionalizing,” Prinz told CoinGeek Backstage reporter Becky Liggero. At the event in Dubai, a very wide range of industries were represented, many of whom people don’t associate with blockchain. He pointed out this sign of growth and maturity, as it shows more people are finding utility in Bitcoin.

The association has spearheaded several programs and initiatives in the Middle East to onboard governments and enterprises to the BSV blockchain. Earlier this year, it opened the first-ever BSV Hub in the region in Dubai, with InvoiceMate’s Muhammad Salman Anjum heading the initiative.

“We want to see more of these very vibrant shared office spaces across the globe,” Prinz stated.

This vision spurred the creation of the BSV Florida Citadel in Miami, which is headed by CoinGeek’s Chief Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr. There’s a similar setup in Berlin, and the association is working on proposals to set up similar stations in Atlanta and New York.

The main focus for Prinz and his team is building a thriving BSV ecosystem, he went on. While BSV is an enterprise network, this doesn’t mean that it only caters to the multinationals with thousands in their payroll, he pointed out. And while BSV scales unbounded to meet the data demands of such enterprises, it’s also just as effective with small companies and even startups.

The association is targeting these small companies, Prinz noted, adding, “If you look at where innovation comes from, it’s not the national banks, the large enterprises or the government—the backbone of every industry are the SMEs and the startups, and those are the ones we want to attract now.”

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