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Enterprises can opt for Solana but will come back to BSV, Patrick Prinz tells Women of BSV

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Women of BSV have been steadily interviewing the bright minds of the BSV ecosystem, and this recent installment was no different as Patrick Prinz, the Managing Director of the BSV Blockchain Association [BA], was featured in this episode. 

With an extensive background in fintech, including working in a leadership role at a hedge fund, Prinz started testing the BSV blockchain technology after seeing a lot of promotions. He quickly learned about high transaction volume and low transaction fees and attended a wide range of CoinGeek conferences.

“CoinGeek surprised me, and I spent a lot of time educating myself about BSV and what CoinGeek does between 2018 and 2019. It was in 2020, when BA set up their base in Switzerland, that they asked me to come aboard. It has been almost two years and I am currently the Managing Director of Bitcoin Association, which is very exciting for me,” Prinz said.

Elaborating on the role of the BSV Blockchain Association, Prinz pointed out that there are two mandates of BA: a) fulfilling the technical potential; and b) nurturing a healthy and diverse ecosystem that attracts developers, builders, and entrepreneurs, which was quite restricted in the past.

He said that the teams at BA make it easier for budding entrepreneurs to join the ecosystem. 

“We acquaint ourselves with other protocols, plus we focused on enterprises. If you look at the BSV ecosystem today, the backbone is small companies and not national banks and governments. It is the same for every western economy. We want to pay more attention to those resources, and the ones that demonstrate the concept of proof of work. We want to invest our energy in them,” he stated.

Prinz also told Women of BSV that he possesses an excellent eye for talent and that he had some extensive groundwork and hired experts that are going to add real value to this ecosystem—mentioning that BA built a developers’ forum Discord, the official BSV channel to discuss all things related to Bitcoin.

“The reputation concern is also there because it has not been easy for BSV. People started relying on BA to do a sales job, and that’s not what it is for. Everyone tried different blockchains but there’s no enterprise blockchain like BSV,” Prinz noted. 

“We have amazing applications, demonstrating some of the most powerful products. We hired a new engineering team, led by Jad Habab, who was also the in-charge of LiteClient for nChain, and is now leading everything technical at BA,” he added.

He said that BA is currently focused on a practical-oriented program, adding that not everyone needs to be a technology expert. Presently, Nigeria and Uganda are significant areas of focus for BA, so instead of creating more and more theory courses, the organization is using the existing ones to demonstrate to the world how the future of BSV education and implementation is going to be. 

Prinz praised Satoshi Block Dojo as an organization, pointing out that he is “very impressed with the work that Block Dojo is doing, and that he would like BA to form a partnership with it. 

According to Prinz, BA is taking on the role of supporting and sponsoring BSV blockchain events organized by BSV thought-leaders and entrepreneurs all over the world. He spoke about the upcoming events, including one by the Unbounded Capital happening in the U.S. in September and another event by Timechain Labs taking place in Bangalore, India, in August this year. TimeChain Labs will be launching BitRupi, a widget for Indian residents, at the Enterprise Blockchain Summit in India.

Prinz emphasized that the local BSV teams know their country’s regulations and limitations better than BA, so it’s best that those teams organize their respective events, and BA is there to support them. He told Women of BSV that he is excited about BA potentially forming incubator-type partnerships in Nigeria and Uganda because, despite tough competition, those countries are more receptive than the Western hemisphere. 

“Poland market is also very receptive, and now we have a significant developer base in Eastern Europe. This market was not well catered to earlier, but BA is now seeping into the region pretty well,” he said.

When asked about several digital currency exchanges delisting BSV, Prinz referred to it as the “delist campaign,” saying that Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN), Binance, FDX, Bittrex, etc., look at it from a compliance and business perspective and form judgment accordingly. 

“We are not afraid to go through the diligence process, and validation is a very important process. I don’t want BA to go on stage anymore and claim, ‘BSV is great,’ instead, I want entrepreneurs worldwide to spread that information in their respective countries so that the audience can understand the core message,” Prinz remarked.

He further said enterprises could opt for Solana, but they will return. Why? Because he stated that Solana is not even talking about secure technology. 

“We will be the only ones enabling it and it’s all about being scalable, which is BSV. Several people are sitting on the fence on the enterprise side, and we can surely help them,” he said.

The group spoke about the smashing success of the recently held BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai, informing the audience that London will be the default location for all CoinGeek conferences going forward. 

Prinz encouraged the Women of BSV to organize an exclusive workshop that BA will support when Diddy Wheldon chimed in to add that Leeds hosts a digital festival every year, which will be the perfect host for them to do such an event. 

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YouTube video

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