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Bitcoin Independence Day 2023
Events 15 November 2023

Happy Bitcoin Independence Day 2023!

Bitcoin Independence Day marks the day when BSV developers and those who believe in unbounded, infinitely scalable Bitcoin began the long and laborious journey of restoring Bitcoin.

Jack Liu interview with Joshua Henslee
Business 13 November 2023

Is BSV flipping BTC locked in?

Bitcoin thought leader Joshua Henslee interviewed RelayX Founder Jack Liu and discussed hyperbitcoinization, the recent developments on the BSV blockchain, Hodlocker, and much more.

Kurt Wuckert Jr on Bitcoin halving math
Business 8 November 2023

The Bitcoin halving math

As Bitcoin approaches its fourth block reward halving, where miners will receive a 3.125 bitcoin reward per block, discussions are heating up around the economic sustainability of both BTC and the BSV blockchain.