Only two weeks remain to sign up for CoinGeek Week

Only 2 weeks remain to sign up for CoinGeek Week

Undoubtedly, one of the most important cryptocurrency conferences of this fall is rapidly approaching. CoinGeek Week will be held in just about two weeks and, due to requests from the mining community, a new day of events has been added especially for crypto miners.

On November 27, a special invitation-only event—the Miners Day—will be held in London. Following the completion of the Bitcoin BCH hard fork and a major stress test of the blockchain’s capabilities, this will be a unique opportunity to understand where the blockchain is headed and how the November events will impact the future.

Miner’s Day is open to the mining community by invitation only. There will be representatives present from the mining pools, software developers, equipment manufacturers and experts behind the latest mining innovations. If you would like to attend, contact CoinGeek.

Everyone is watching to see how the Bitcoin BCH hard fork goes in just a few days. Regardless of the outcome, Bitcoin BCH will continue to be the strong, leading digital currency that it is today. It continues to be embraced by the global retail industry on an exponential basis and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The CoinGeek Week conference will be the perfect opportunity to get together with those involved in the hard fork in order to understand the current state of the blockchain and what’s in the pipeline.

Following Miner’s Day, November 28-30 are days dedicated to developers, merchants and the future. Apart from the intense learning experiences, there will also be a number of networking events, giving attendees the opportunity to make new alliances and expand their business interests. This is a golden opportunity that can’t be missed by anyone ready to embrace cryptocurrency.

The November 28-30 CoinGeek Week conference will be held at The Mermaid, Puddle Dock in London. Following the last day of activities, CoinGeek founder and Bitcoin BCH proponent Calvin Ayre will host one of his world-famous after parties for attendees who have made it to all the activities. It’s the perfect way to wrap up a perfect conference.

Tickets are on sale now, but space is running out quickly. You can purchase your ticket today using either Bitcoin BCH on the CoinGeek website or, if you prefer, with a credit card through Eventbrite. Don’t wait—register now and don’t just witness history—be a part of it.

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