Omniscape CoinGeek Live 2020 sponsor spotlight

We recently had the chance to talk with the founder of Omniscape, Robert Rice. Omniscape is a company that uses Bitcoin alongside augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) for spatial marketing and advertising.

In this interview, Rice told CoinGeek all about Omniscape, what he looks forward to at the upcoming CoinGeek conference, as well as what the audience can expect from his much-anticipated presentation, “XR (Experiential Reality) Applications: Greater Power with Bitcoin SV.”

For those who are unfamiliar with your work, what does Omniscape do?

Omniscape is our vision of the future where Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are blended together and seamlessly integrated with the world around us. This goes beyond the multiverse and metaverse that we see in science fiction and brings both location and data to life. In addition to the cool visual and interactive elements you would expect with AR and VR, we are focusing heavily on fundamental aspects of the ecosystem, particularly location, identity, and commerce. This drives our development roadmap for our initial releases, making it easy for businesses, brands, and consumers to create and monetize experiential marketing and interactive content.

Who is your platform/service the perfect fit for and why?

Early on, we have a strong value proposition for brands and businesses looking for innovative technology to drive experiential marketing, brand engagement, and especially monetization. We are also working on a fantastic solution for venues (stadiums, malls, convention centers, museums, universities, etc.) to engage fans, consumers, and customers both on-site and remotely in some really cool ways, especially now with all of the COVID restrictions and problems.

How does Omniscape use Bitcoin?

Several areas of the platform centered around 3D virtual goods linked to real-world products and offers, digital real-estate you can buy and sell like domain names (which also generate revenue share for owners), a unique avatar registry, and other commerce-related features all require a powerful and scalable tech like Bitcoin SV to track, store, authenticate, and facilitate. Building something like Omniscape must be secure, ensure privacy, and work efficiently in order to be successful as the platform of the future. The very nature of what we are creating has tremendous applications and implications for nearly every industry vertical, and as such, will accelerate the adoption and use of Bitcoin and blockchain in our day to day lives. We are literally putting the world on-chain.

What are you and your team currently working on?

We have already built several of the core technologies for Omniscape, and we are now transitioning towards bringing them together for our first launch. We have a staged roadmap that highlights different features and functionality, each addressing different use-cases, starting with monetizing AR/VR for brands and businesses, with the virtual goods and digital real-estate coming first.

What do you look forward to in the upcoming CoinGeek Live Conference?

To be honest, all of the presentations. This is a chance for us to see what others in the community are doing, and a great opportunity to learn. We were at CoinGeek London earlier this year, and that was such an amazing experience meeting people, networking, and witnessing first-hand the extraordinary energy and vibrance of the community.

Why did Omniscape decide to sponsor CG Live?

We will have an app available during the conference for everyone to download to vote on the hackathon, answer some trivia questions throughout the day based on the presentations, and some amazing AR features where we are giving away some BSV. We will also be announcing a drawing for a 128GB Oculus Quest (which is nearly impossible to find now). It’s going to be awesome, I hope everyone grabs the app and doesn’t miss out. I’ll mention details during my presentation and I’m sure they will be posted on the CoinGeek website as well.

We decided to sponsor because CG London was so awesome for us and one of the best conferences we have attended in a long time. We are excited about being part of the BSV community and the opportunity to sponsor is too great to pass up.

I’m really looking forward to the conference. I had a blast and met some amazing people in London, and I expect this will be a great continuation of that. 

What can the audience expect/look forward to regarding your upcoming CoinGeek Live presentation?

I’ll be talking about the XR ecosystem…AR, VR, IoT, Spatial Computing, AI, and Blockchain, and how it all fits together. Then I’ll talk about how we are approaching that with Omniscape as a use-case…the implementation and the implications for experiential marketing, data visualization, location, context-aware experiences, and of course how it can be monetized for everyone…businesses, brands, consumers, and content creators. Understanding these elements drives home the importance of Bitcoin SV and blockchain to make it all work, and sets the stage for putting the world and the metaverse on-chain, together, in a unique and groundbreaking way. I’ll be highlighting why location and monetization are critical and fundamental for the future of everything, everywhere, connected.

Make sure you tune into CoinGeek Live on September 30 so that you don’t miss Rice’s presentation! If you have not already registered for CoinGeek Live or are looking for the full agenda, you can find more information here.

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