Ole Andre Kutli with the women of BSV

Now, surveyors can earn BSV, Ole Andre Knutli tells Women of BSV

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Ole Andre Knutli, the Chief Executive Officer and co-Founder of CoinSurvey, was featured in the series of interviews with the Women Of BSV (WoBSV) to educate and discuss CoinSurvey, an on-chain application where users will get rewarded with Bitcoin SV (BSV) for taking the surveys. 

Knutli has a background in marketing and economics, and he always wanted to build something on his own, which led to the formation of Bitruption, a firm that was originally one of the first licensed over-the-counter exchanges in Norway that offered BTC, Ethereum, and BSV.

When asked whether Bitcoin is big in Norway, Knutli said, “Crypto is quite big in Norway. A lot of Norwegians are interested in it compared to many other countries. Having said that, I think the general perception among Norwegians of Bitcoin is primarily limited to speculation.”

“There are very few use cases of Bitcoin that you see in the business world, as it is mostly chased after for trading and speculative purposes,” he added.

Speaking of the upcoming Granath v Dr. Craig S. Wright trial in Oslo, Norway, Knutli said that he has never met with Dr. Wright in person before.

“There is no particular opinion of Dr. Wright in Norway. People don’t really know who Satoshi Nakamoto is. Many years ago, a Bitcoin meetup was held, but since the BCH (Bitcoin Cash) fork, things changed quite a bit,” Knutli said when asked if people in Norway know Dr. Wright.


CoinSurvey has been through the three-month long cohort with Block Dojo, where Knutli shuffled through many tasks, built something useful, and learned to take advantage of blockchain. He told the WoBSV that the training at Block Dojo was quite intense and that he learned a lot from the industry experts there. They also received a good amount of feedback, after which Knutli and the team changed several features of the CoinSurvey app.

“We did a lot of research and ended up with the survey industry because of a number of reasons. First and foremost, there are a lot of branches in this industry, plus it is a huge industry, i.e., worth over $80 billion a year. There are a large number of players, as well as segments,” Knutli noted.

He added that it is also crucial to be able to pivot if needed, and the survey industry provides ample of these opportunities. The other reason, Knutli said, is that there are several existing surveying apps, but not the ones with incentives.

According to Knutli, the biggest challenge in this sector is that it is “very hard to get responses from people.”

“We want to fix it, but with incentives. There are very limiting options for incentivizing surveyors—it can be done in two ways—prepaid and postpaid links. So far, nobody has done it, so we might use blockchain to reward people and gather the data,” he pointed out.

He told the group that CoinSurvey is strong on the technical side and has got some pilots as well. They are aiming for an official launch in October, which Knutli stated, will be happening much faster than others in the industry.

“It will be more of a beta launch since it is a paid product,” he said.

Mode of payments

Knutli mentioned that many clients don’t care about blockchain at all. Hence, CoinSurvey will offer its users the ability to pay with fiat through its Stripe integration functionality. When asked about the possibility of the app being integrated with existing business websites, Knutli said this is already on their roadmap.

While demonstrating a test survey on the app, Knutli told the group that if users choose to earn the reward with surveys, they will earn crypto with HandCash, an app that offers the functionality that wasn’t possible before.

“And when you take the survey, you receive payment for answering each question. The payment structure is fractionalized,” said Knutli.

In summary, he told the WoBSV that if someone does not want to finish the survey, they can leave midway and still get paid for the questions they have answered.

“And if you get paid regardless of whether you have completed the full survey or only a fraction of it, then that’s what encourages people to be receptive towards the surveys,” Knutli stressed.

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