Bitcoin SV now available at Norwegian crypto exchange Bitruption

Norwegian crypto exchange Bitruption has begun offering its users access to Bitcoin SV (BSV), becoming the latest global crypto exchange to come out in support of BSV.

The move sees Bitruption join the growing number of crypto exchanges worldwide in onboarding full support for BSV, allowing users to buy and sell the cryptocurrency through their platform for the first time.

Offering support for external wallet suppliers including Money Button, Exodus and HandCash, the exchange has enabled full access to BSV trading for its users, effective immediately.

Announcing the move on Twitter, Bitruption said it was a “pleasure” to onboard support for BSV trading: “As the first regulated player in Norway, we have the pleasure of launching support for Bitcoin SV (BSV). Now you can buy and sell Bitcoin SV directly for NOK (NOK).  For Bitcoin SV we recommend the following wallets: Handcash, Exodus and Moneybutton.”

The move is particularly significant given Bitruption’s status as the first regulated exchange in Norway. The decision to support BSV comes in response to demand from users of the platform.

Founded in 2018, Bitruption provides a marketplace service for individuals to buy and sell cryptocurrency through its fiat-crypto exchange platform.

The only blockchain to adhere to the original vision of Bitcoin in the Satoshi whitepaper, BSV is developing a new system of global, cost-effective payments.

At the same time, the BSV blockchain is favored by an increasing number of app developers, leveraging the full benefits of the technology to deliver more effective utility functions for the cryptocurrency.

With superior technology for developers, including sufficient block size capacity for enterprise scale microtransactions, new apps are being launched at an increasing frequency, built on and for the BSV ecosystem. From a payments perspective, BSV is favored for its low transaction costs, including for cross border payments, as well as its rapid settlement.

The launch is likely to prove popular with Bitruption users, offering unrestricted access to trade in BSV. It comes at a time of increasing interest in Bitcoin SV, both in its technology capabilities and its utility as an easy, convenient mechanism for digital payments.

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