‘No longer sound money’: Developer Unwriter slams ABC’s ‘self-inflicted scars’

“What is wrong with Bitcoin ABC?” Let Unwriter break it down for you.

The prolific developer, who was behind a number of the useful infrastructure projects in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, recently shared his thoughts on the so-called BCH hash war and the ABC group—and they’re not pretty.

In a scathing post on Medium, Unwriter was keen to say he was not criticising individual developers, and was not personally attacking any groups or organizations, but instead reflecting on the outcome of the hash war, which has in his view resulted in significant code errors from the ABC team.

Bitcoin ABC was so afraid of an imaginary attack from SV that they made all kinds of mistakes, writing permanent code in rapid fire releases to the point where what they stand for is no longer recognizable,” he wrote. “And THIS — ABC’s self-inflicted scars that will forever exist immutably on the blockchain — has led to a blockchain I can no longer build on.”

Specifically, he highlighted the fear of an imagined attack from the Bitcoin SV camp as contributing to ABC’s hasty releases, which in his view have made the BCH ecosystem less effective for developers.

In the post, Unwriter goes on to explain that ABC has irreversibly created five conditions that are sub-optimal: that ABC is censorable, centralized, and unstable, and that it is anti Bitcoin maximalist, while signalling the death of ‘permissionless innovation.’

He noted, “There is something very wrong with Bitcoin Cash ABC and its ‘community’ today. There is too much misinformation out there, and people seem too willing to believe anything if it comes from some influencer guy who they see as ‘respected by the community,’ even when they have no idea why they are ‘respected by the community’ in the first place.”

Concluding, Unwriter said that Bitcoin SV is the real Bitcoin, and the one that best serves the needs of users and the developer community. He wrote, “Bitcoin SV is the Real Bitcoin. This is not an opinion. This is a fact. Bitcoin works. And I choose to build everything on top of Bitcoin. I feel 100% safe operating on SV because the protocol hasn’t changed at all, there has been no behind-the-doors centralized collusion…”

Read Unwriter’s Medium post, “The resolution of the Bitcoin Cash experiment,” here.

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