The Return of Original Bitcoin: Bitcoin SV will Bring Massive Scaling and Enterprise Usage

The return of original Bitcoin: Bitcoin SV will bring massive scaling and enterprise usage

Now that original Bitcoin is back in the form of Bitcoin SV (BSV) and there is nobody left too object to massively scaling Bitcoin now, what does the future look like? There is going to have to be an adjustment period as BSV and ABC still need to take some measure to permanently split. You can already split the two coins using exchanges like Poloniex and BitAsiaEx, along with various tools, but most people will wait for a protocol level solution which I know is coming. We expect this to happen sometime in Q1 2019 and we are confident that ABC supporters will work together with BSV to get this done peacefully and return stability to the markets.

Then what?

BSV is the single best value haven in the crypto space during this volatile market. It is a superior technology, head and shoulders above any other chain, and this has been proven when we mined a 64 MB block on the BSV chain last week. No other crypto platform is even close to scaling this much, and this is only the beginning of BSV’s scaling road map. Now that original Bitcoin is back, it will be ALL about scaling to attract enterprise level application development.

BSV is also the only undervalued token now that there is an tokenisation and smart contract platform called Tokenized that works well, is business-friendly and has moved entirely to BSV. This means that BSV can do anything Ethereum does but can also scale for higher volume transactions and is more secure.

My prediction is that over the next few years, BSV will replace all other blockchain technologies that cannot scale, that have security problems or that are not trustless. I believe that starting in 2019, there is going to be an explosion of development on top of the BSV blockchain taking advantage of a stable platform and massively-scaled low cost secure microtransactions. This will eat up all competing chains as this is a “winner take all” race we are in.

But it gets even better for Miners and Mining hardware sales. Scaling gives us low cost microtransactions. Low cost microtransactions enable unique business models that have never existed before and drive transaction volumes and mining fees. This then drives mining revenues and mining hardware sales. This means that the one platform that uniquely drives the mining industry itself is Bitcoin SV BSV, the world’s most scalable cryptocurrency and all miners should be supporting this platform.

Everyone who wants details on how this is going to unfold should come to CoinGeek Week this week in London. Find out more information here. There are going to be some great announcements by thought leaders in this space. I am extremely excited about what we can now do with this technology and hope you all come enjoy the show and celebrate the rebirth of original Bitcoin!

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