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NFTY Jigs crowdfund finds a believer in Kurt Wuckert Jr: Investing in NFTY Jigs an easy ‘yes’ from me

Kurt Wuckert Jr., the co-founder of GorillaPool and CoinGeek’s Chief Bitcoin Historian, is the lead investor in the NFTY Jigs Crowdfund.

Building a Metaverse

NFTY Jigs is the platform that makes it easy to create scalable, powerful NFTs and utilize them in applications and metaverses. JPMorgan believes that there is over $1 trillion of value to be unlocked within metaverses, and NFTY Jigs provides the tools and resources that allow enterprises to take advantage of that opportunity.

“Investing in NFTY Jigs was an easy ‘yes’ from me for several reasons. A great team, a great product, and a roadmap that makes a ton of sense for simple, frictionless adoption,” said Wuckert.

“What NFTY Jigs does is make it easier to deploy games and game items faster and cheaper. So it solves a “speed to market” challenge while also making it simple to monetize assets,” he added.

Speed to market is crucial in the world of blockchain technology and digital assets. Both sectors move at an alarming pace, and if you are slow to the punch, your business will be left in the dust. In the past, a problem that many enterprises and developers faced was that building on blockchain required them to know obscure programming languages, but the NFTY Jigs team realized this and provided a solution to that problem.

“It’s all JavaScript-based, which is the most common programming language on earth, so it is a trivial step for any developer to become a blockchain-capable developer using NFTY Jigs,” said Wuckert.

What can I build on NFTY Jigs?

“NFTY Jigs is postured toward NFT-powered gaming and other ‘fun’ use cases, which is a very low friction entry point for people to use BSV. I’m really glad to see more and more games coming to the blockchain, and I think NFTY Jigs will make it easier to build better games and apps more quickly than they could have a year ago,” said Wuckert.

If you are looking to build on NFTY Jigs, you will find that it is well-suited for games, metaverses, and NFTs. Several companies are already using NFTY within their apps, games, and services, such as HandCashBuilt By Gamers, and Haste Arcade, and there are also service providers like GorillaPool that support NFTY Jigs from an infrastructure standpoint.

“Over at GorillaPool, we are looking for ways to support Run and its offshoots, as well as anyone trying to build coalitions of cooperating products, so helping all of them tighten up infrastructure for their growing businesses was a no-brainer for us,” said Wuckert.

Where can I find the crowdfund?

You can contribute to the NFTY Jigs crowdfunding campaign via WeFunder, the team is looking to raise $500,000, and over $115,000 has already been raised.

Crowdfunders that contribute key amounts to the campaign will receive exclusive perks. The NFTY Jigs team will be using the funds they raise to tackle its two key objectives, (1) to finish key components of the NFTY Jigs platform, including additional creator tools, our completed marketplace, and a developer onboarding portal, and (2) to grow the user base of NFTY Jigs, and by extension, HandCash and BSV.

To learn more about NFTY Jigs and the companies it collaborates with, watch the “Small Payments, Big Fun: Micropayments for Casual Games” panel from day one of the BSV Global Blockchain Convention featuring Jackson Laskey, the CEO of NFTY Jigs.

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