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Ethereum is a modern way of exchange and this crypto currency
Business 4 July 2023

Is Ethereum (ETH) a security under US law?

Buffone Law Group issued the memo warning that Ethereum’s move to proof-of-stake and the Ethereum 2.0 staking programs offered by exchanges amount to illegal securities under the Howey test.

Kevin Healy on CoinGeek Conversations
Interviews 29 June 2023

Kevin Healy: My long journey to BSV

On this CoinGeek Conversations, former iOS developer Kevin Healy shares his journey to the original Bitcoin protocol and also explains the advantages of Bitcoin technology based on what is written in the Bitcoin white paper.

Circular gold lining Ethereum logo with laptop as background
Business 17 April 2023

Ethereum developers are fiduciaries too

What distinguishes a ‘core developer’ from anyone interested in the project? The answer is control and authority: core devs have committed access and they can decide where the project is heading.