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Bittrex Global logo on smartphone with bitcoin
Business 22 November 2023

Bittrex exchange is shutting down

The announcement comes over a year after Bittrex was forced to pay more than $53 million in settlements to the OFAC and FinCEN for failing to implement effective sanctions and AML compliance.

payment stimulus with 20 dollar bills and the US flag
Business 24 October 2023

US Treasury cracks down on coin mixing

The move was announced by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, identifying coin mixing operations as “a class of transactions of primary money laundering concern.”

Stablecoin illustration
Business 10 August 2023

UK progresses plans for systemic stablecoin regime

The U.K. Treasury’s response to a consultation updates proposals for a regulatory regime for systemic stablecoins, which would be supervised by the Bank of England and the Financial Conduct Authority.