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Robot hand using laptop
Editorial 22 January 2024

AI PCs: Navigating between AI innovation and buzzwords

Chip manufacturers are utilizing AI's capabilities to lure more consumers into buying PCs and laptops nowadays, but the tech's powerful capacity is only a spec of what end-users are looking for.

Articul8 logo with digital background
Business 8 January 2024

Intel debuts generative AI spin-out Articul8

Intel is stepping up its game, venturing into the artificial intelligence industry with the launch of its enterprise GenAI firm Articul8, whose mission is to address the gap in the sector safely and cost-effectively.

intel logo on a motherboard
Tech 19 December 2023

Intel joins the AI chip race

Intel is leveling up the global AI race, unveiling its latest computer chips that will rival existing chips from Nvidia and AMD and likely contribute to the massive transformation of the AI landscape.

Intel and circuit board design shown on smartphone screen
Tech 21 April 2023

Intel to stop making BTC mining chips

Intel began making Blocksale chips in 2022, but market turmoil and a decline in mining profits have taken their toll. It will cease taking orders on October 20, 2023.